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The Writer's Workout was formed from a love of competition and encouragement. We are a community of writers with many different backgrounds, ideas, influences, and skill levels. From authors published several times over, poets featured in anthologies, to new writers just starting out, we have one important thing in common: a love of the written word.  

We know that no two authors are the same; no author approaches The Craft in the same way as the next, and that's okay. We cater to all skill and interest levels and our members are always willing and able to help aspiring writers wherever and whenever they can. Someone is always around to offer advice, motivation, support, and encouragement.

The Writer's Workout main activities:

The 500 - a monthly competition loosely based on the month's genre topic. The prompt announcement starts the clock and writers have 72 hours to create a short story 100-500 words long. Entries are posted live for public vote.

The Writer's Games - perhaps the biggest and most well known of The Writer's Workout competitions, the Games consists of six weekly prompts (called Events). Registration is required, judgement is private, every entry earns points and receives feedback, and winners are published in an anthology of the portion. 

Writing Arcade - a year-long extravaganza where writers earn tickets as they write, complete challenges, help others, and work toward achieving their goals. Tickets are redeemable for prizes throughout the year. 

Founded in 2014 with just 44 members, The Writer's Workout is now global with members in more than twenty countries across six continents. We strive to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education. We want to help you be a better writer.

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Emily Suchowolec

Director of Education

Once upon a time, Emily was introduced to the works of Stephen King. She became intrigued by the fact that ink and paper and imagination could be combined to create monsters that haunted her dreams. A passion for the written word was born. She first started dabbling in writing by penning fanfiction; but with the help of various English teachers, she branched out into more contemporary, original pieces.

Emily is currently pursuing a degree in Writing. She lives in Michigan with her husband and three small children. In those rare moments where she is not writing, she can be found taking pictures of her family, going on adventures around the state, knitting, or reading with a hot cup of coffee in hand. She has recently embarked on a quest to read some of the greatest literature known to man. Emily has just finished Infinite Jest, and realizes that her TBR pile is now much larger than she would like to admit.

You can connect with Emily on Twitter: @emilysuch08.

Education, competition*, and workshop inquiries may be directed to: Emily.Suchowolec@writersworkout.net

*Please note Writer's Games inquiries should be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

EJ Fowler

Director of Social Media

EJ’s writing passion is a mix, though most of it is focused on the young adult genre. She seeks to put her own spin on genres like urban fantasy, slice of life, and classic teen mystery. She’s also always eager and ready to talk about writing craft and style, particularly when it comes to point of view.


When she’s not writing, EJ formulates story ideas while crocheting or taking a walk. Even away from her keyboard, she’s always writing. Words and language are her passion: her studies of Writing, Communication Studies, and Applied Linguistics would be enough to show for that.


She was first introduced to The Writer’s Workout during The Writer’s Games (2017) as a judge for the Individual portion, and fell in love with the community. Now, she strives to foster a welcoming atmosphere where writers can connect, grow, and encourage each other. Working with so many writers drives her to keep working on her own projects, to make sure that nothing worth salvaging is left on the editing room floor. She hopes to inspire the same passion in others.

You can connect with EJ on Twitter: @Andromeda_Falls.

Facebook, Twitter, and promotional inquiries may be directed to: Emily.Fowler@writersworkout.net

Sarah Perchikoff

Director of Brand

Sarah Perchikoff is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing. Sarah’s background is in non-fiction and blog writing as well as editing. As much as she tries to write happy, light-hearted stories, her writing always turns out dark in the end. It is something she is working on (I promise!). Her life passions include social justice, fandoms, and french fries. She also enjoys inspirational quotes, unicorns, and parentheses. Sarah has spent most of her life living in Michigan. She currently cohabitates with her miniature dachshund, Gracie.


Sarah started out as a judge for the Writer’s Games and is now the Director of Brand for The Writer’s Workout. She loves to see the way writers change and grow as they find new skills and techniques, and improve on old ones.


You can connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sperchikoff.


Blog, interview, contributor, Goodreads, and Tumblr inquiries may be directed to: Sarah.Perchikoff@writersworkout.net

Amy Hickman

Head of International Operations, Merchandising

Amy is a writer of romance, but enjoys twisting her writing with elements of other genres.


While her writing focuses on romance, her tastes in reading material vary between horror, crime fiction, occasional romance, and true crime.

Amy is currently the Head of International Operations at the Writer's Workout, a place she feels is a wonderful community of fellow writers where not only is there a great network of support and advice, but where she has been challenged to break out of her comfort zone and embrace different genres and styles. Amy joined the administrative team in 2017.

International Operations, workshops, merchandising, and Instagram inquiries may be directed to: Amy.Hickman@writersworkout.net

Cindy McWilliams

Head of Acquisitions, Human Resources

I write a mixture of genres from contemporary romance and YA fantasy to historical horror and everything in between. My current projects, when I can find the time to devote to them, include a 1950s Southern horror and a contemporary romance featuring two of the best characters I’ve ever created.


As far as reading? Well, I read anything I can get my hands on. Currently I am working my way through The Lost City of Z (David Grann), The Romanovs: 1613-1918 (Simon Sebag Montefiore) and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs), and I have a TBR pile taller than I am. I can't wait to get through them and add more. 


I first got involved with the Writer's Games as a pinch hitter for a judging spot and I never really left. For me, it's all about seeing people do things and take their writing careers to places they said they never could. I love helping people find the confidence to believe they can.


Acquisitions, publication, careers, and sponsorship inquiries may be directed to: Cindy.McWilliams@writersworkout.net

Theresa Green

Executive Director

Theresa enjoys writing crime, historical, and other similar fiction as the mood strikes. While she is drawn to a well-planned sentence and will read almost any genre, she maintains a passionate disapproval of first person present tense.


Theresa's favorite days are spent with a hot cup of coffee, freshly inked fountain pen, and stacks of crime and psychology journals. Research is the path to knowledge; the gateway to success. Theresa believes in the power of continual learning and encourages members of The Writer's Workout to strive for greatness in understanding of writing concepts and theory. True, she does have a BAS in Criminal Justice, but she can’t get you out of that speeding ticket.


As one of the founders, Theresa strives to maintain an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere at the Writer's Workout. Its ability to grow and evolve inspires and motivates her to keep pushing boundaries, trying new writing styles, and learning new things. The Writer’s Workout was formed in 2014 and, to borrow a line from OneRepublic, “the future looks good”.


You can connect with Theresa on Facebook: Author Theresa Green and Twitter: @kuzitiz.

Company, internship, Writer's Games, and general inquiries may be directed to: Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net

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