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The Writer's Workout formed from a love of competition and encouragement. We are writers of different backgrounds, ideas, influences, and skill levels. From authors published several times over, to featured poets, to new writers just starting out, we have one important thing in common: a love of the written word.  

​Every writer approaches writing differently so we focus on the foundations of writing to help each creative improve at their own pace. Our motivation, challenges, and feedback help you be a better writer.

Our Main Activities:

Back to Basics: a great mini-course with a skills challenge to help you build a stronger writing foundation. You can even submit your challenge for feedback!


Conference: exactly what it should be: free, virtual, amazing.


Fests: occasional competitions with three Events over consecutive weekends and optional feedback. This free competition requires registration in advance.


Fiction Potluck: a quarterly challenge with a guest judge, featured finalists, and published winners.


Tales: an annual themed anthology.

WriteChat: a monthly writing chat on the second Saturday at 7pm, UTC, on our Discord. 

Writer's Games: a series of six weekly Events, short deadlines, feedback for every entry, blind judgement, and published winners. This free competition requires registration in advance.

WayWords: a quarterly literary journal with a central theme.

Founded in 2014 with just 44 members, The Writer's Workout is now global with members in more than twenty countries across six continents. We cultivate a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through accessible education. We can help you be a better writer.

The Writer's Workout is a registered

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

run entirely by volunteers.


Want to help writers around the world? 

We have open positions! Check our Careers page and send us your resume.

Contact us about promotional opportunities.

Meet the team!

The WW team is truly exceptional. Every volunteer works hard every day with only one goal in mind: to help writers grow. Your success is their motivation!



Izhan Arif

Prose Review/Back to Basics, Education

Hi! My name’s Izhan Arif and I’m an English graduate from the University of Illinois, Chicago. My interests tend to revolve around all things superhero, whether it be comics, shows, or movies! I also love to write (go figure) and when I’m not working on Back to Basics, I’m also writing videos for WatchMojo!

Seth Cupery

Editor, WayWords // Potluck Judge

A recent college graduate with a bachelor's degree in the humanities, Seth considers himself a historian as well as a writer. He enjoys reading incredibly long books about science fiction and fantasy, including both narrative works and guides to worlds that don’t exist. He is currently in the process of writing several novels, and is confident that he will one day actually finish a rough draft; in the meantime he works as a small-town librarian, running a blog by the name of The Archivist’s Pen in his free time (when he isn’t playing video games, that is).

Seth also sleeps with a mailbox-sized wooden hammer under his bed—just in case...

Sofie Leggett

Prose Review, Education // Editor, WayWords & Publications // Potluck Judge

Sofie is a student studying creative writing, Spanish, and music. She enjoyed playing the cello, drawing, watching TV, and of course, reading and writing. Historical fiction and mystery and her favorite genres to read, but she writes all types of fiction. Sofie also enjoys exploring writing in other mediums, such as video games, film, and television.

Jessica Morris-Reade

Editor, WayWords & Publications

Jessica lives in the back-end of nowhere with her cat, partner, and three children. Straddling the border of New Mexico and Texas, Jessica enjoys long hikes through a barren desert environment that’s dotted with hidden pockets of beauty (if you know where to look), going to the shooting range and exterminating plastic bottles, and, of course, reading and writing. Jessica works as a freelance editor, and while she enjoys writing historical fiction, Jessica’s library is full of fantasy, romance, westerns, and the occasional sci-fi.

Lindsey Odorizzi

Blog Curator, Brand // Editor, Publications

Lindsey is currently working towards her BA in English and Creative Writing at Brandeis University. She loves writing short stories and has more recently taken an interest in writing poetry. She is also an Editor-in-Chief for her school literary magazine, Laurel Moon. You can usually find her reading, crocheting, watching Marvel movies, or bothering her cat, Sister. She hopes to be a writer and an editor in the future to continue to help others improve their writing. 

Michael Parker, Jr.

Prose Review, Education

Michael is the typical workaholic who always has to be doing something! When he's not busy losing hair over work, you can find him catching up on his backlog of fantasy novels he's reading ever so slowly. When he's not reading, Michael writes stories in the dead of night like the owl he is. He is glad to be part of a community of writers supporting writers. 

Josie Queen

Challenge Coordinator, Education

Josie writes short stories in a variety of genres, but tends to gravitate towards horror. Her TBR pile is slowly taking over the small house she shares with her husband, 13-year-old, and their cranky 9-year-old cat. She's working on a rewrite of a middle-grade fantasy novel, but is so intent on procrastinating, she recently went and adopted a puppy. 

C.A. Raine

Challenge Coordinator, Education

C.A. Raine (she/her) is an aspiring fiction writer living in the United Kingdom. When not immersed in her own imaginary worlds, she can be found wrestling with a variety of competition prompts or indulging in creating fanfic with her multitude of OTPs. She especially loves reading and writing in the Young Adult and New Adult genres.
Her archive of completed competition entries can be found here [].

S.E. Reed

Community Chaostician

S.E. Reed resides in Florida—nestled between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. She writes YA across genres, focusing on strong characters and voicey narratives. Her debut novel, MY HEART IS HURTING, released in July '23 and her next 5 books are set to release in '24 and '25 with multiple publishers. When she isn't writing, reading or cooking, S.E. enjoys spending time with her spouse and children searching for seashells at the beach. She also has a fur baby who demands constant attention and belly rubs.

You can follow her on X @writingwithreed and on Goodreads.

Srivalli Rekha

Challenge Coordinator, Education

Srivalli Rekha (she/ her) is a BIPOC author from India. As a pagan, she believes in the beauty of nature worship and loves to learn the secrets of the universe the Indic way. She is a budding tarot reader and is fascinated by the intricacies of astrology. A freelance content writer during the day, she devours books at night and loves to review them on her blog and Goodreads. Books and music are her favorite companions. Srivalli is a co-founder and managing partner of The Hive Publishers, an indie publishing collective. Her works have been a part of several Indian and international anthologies (eBooks and paperback publications). Violets in HandThe House of Justice, and Pebbles in the Grass, her self-published eBooks, are available on Amazon.
Find her on Goo
dreads | Blog | Instagram

Réven Widener

Editor, WayWords

Réven went from palmetto trees to the Smokies—she’s a South Carolina native now residing in east Tennessee. Faith, family, and friends make her complete. She is a full-time editor but helps others write confidently through her writing review services on the side. She also enjoys writing poetry, reading creative nonfiction and fiction, eating banana pudding without bananas, and racing her husband in Mario Kart if they’re not whisked away to a soccer tournament he’s coaching in.

You can connect with Réven on Instagram: @musings.of.sunshine 

Sarah Perchikoff

Director of Brand

Sarah Perchikoff is a writer of many different things: novels, short stories, articles, and blog posts. When she's not writing or editing (or procrastinating), she likes to play with her dog, Gracie, and read way too many books and blog about them at Bookish Rantings. She’s also known to hoard Sour Patch Kids, spend too much time on social media, and eat as many french fries as possible. Sarah currently lives in Michigan where she, unsuccessfully, tries to stay warm. 

Leigh Davis

Co-Founder, CFO, HR

Leigh writes in a mixture of genres from contemporary romance and YA fantasy to historical horror and everything in between. She is particularly fond of Southern Gothic Horror and YA contemporary. She loves reading in almost every genre, but has a particular enjoyment for public health nonfiction and Middle Grade fantasy. When she's not reading or putting words on paper, she spends time with her long-suffering husband and two furkids. 

Email: Cindy.McWilliams [at] for information about career opportunities.

Theresa Green

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Theresa enjoys wild tales with psychological twists, crime, history, and elements of magic. Theresa believes in the power of continual learning and encourages members of The Writer's Workout to strive for greatness in understanding writing concepts and theory. 

As a co-founder, Theresa is consistently inspired by the Writer's Workout community. Its ability to grow and evolve motivates her to keep pushing boundaries and learning new things. Connect with Theresa on Twitter: @kuzitiz. 

Email: Theresa.Green [at] for information. 


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