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The Writer's Workout formed from a love of competition and encouragement. We are writers of different backgrounds, ideas, influences, and skill levels. From authors published several times over, to poets featured in anthologies, to new writers just starting out, we have one important thing in common: a love of the written word.  

​Every writer approaches writing differently so we focus on the foundations of writing to help each creative improve at their own pace. Our discussions, motivation, challenges, and feedback help you be a better writer.

The Writer's Workout main activities:

Achievement Tracker – an amazing spreadsheet designed to help you track your progress throughout the year. Record your writing, editing, submissions, and publications, this Tracker will organize everything and highlight your successes so you can stay focused on goals, learning, and growth as a creative writer.

Also available as a standalone service.

Better Writer Challenge – a quarterly challenge to explore a facet of writing in-depth. Winners receive feedback and a cash payment dependent on the prize pool. $5 entry fee per submission.

Better Writer Subscription Service – includes a quarterly entry voucher to the Better Writer Challenge, members-only forum section, The Writing Arcade, Achievement Tracker, and feedback on one piece per month up to 3,000 words.

The Writer's Games – a series of six weekly prompts (called Events), short deadlines, feedback for every entry, blind judgement, and published winners. Advance registration is required; this competition is free.

The Writing Arcade – a self-paced, arcade-style writing opportunity full of prompts, blind judgement, points-based advancement, and feedback for every submission. Choose a path and quest, set your own difficulty, create, submit, improve!

Available through the Better Writer Subscription Service only.

WayWords – a quarterly literary journal with a central theme.

Founded in 2014 with just 44 members, The Writer's Workout is now global with members in more than twenty countries across six continents. We strive to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education. We want to help you be a better writer.

The Writer's Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Meet the team!

The WW team is truly exceptional. They volunteer to work hard every day with only one goal in mind: to help writers grow. Your success is their motivation!


Izhan Arif

Challenge Coordinator, Education

Izhan Arif is a big fan of stories. To him there's nothing more exciting than seeing fleshed-out worlds. Izhan is currently studying to become an English teacher where he hopes to share his love of literature with others. Some of Izhan's favorite stories come from comic books as he is a massive fan of the medium, he could go on and on about them but then this would be a very long-winded bio. As Challenge Coordinator for The Writer's Workout, Izhan is always trying to create compelling challenges that spark the creativity inside writers and help them to improve. Despite the intensity of university life (especially nowadays), Izhan still tries to find the time to write. Izhan enjoys writing short stories, comic scripts, and poems. He's also currently working up the courage to write a novel. 


Jessie Fisher

Content Developer/Graphic Artist, Social Media

Jessie usually delves into realistic fiction, horror, and sci-fi novels when she's not binging on Netflix shows or caring for her White's Tree Frog, Freddie. She has collected over 100 books including YA fiction and classics like Ovid's Metamorphosis and Sherlock Holmes. Her writer's block is her worst enemy but her writing spark comes back with a vengeance to create realistic fiction pieces relevant to current issues in the world.

Briana Gonzalez

Contributor, Brand

I'm Briana Gonzalez, word nerd and card-carrying theatre kid. Writing is just a more accessible form of talking, so it's no wonder I can't stop doing it. Check out my lit blog on Instagram @spineless_shelf!



Julianna Holshue

Content Developer, Social Media

Julianna Holshue is a recent Rowan University graduate. She is a writer, artist, and mental health advocate, and a Media Editor at Glassworks Magazine. She enjoys crafting poetry, writing articles for Her Campus, and spending time in nature with her journal and headphones. 

Jessica Morris-Reade

Editor, Publications

Jessica lives in the back-end of nowhere with her cat, partner, and two children. Straddling the border of New Mexico and Texas, Jessica enjoys long hikes through a barren desert environment that’s dotted with hidden pockets of beauty (if you know where to look), going to the shooting range and exterminating plastic bottles, and, of course, reading and writing. Jessica works as a freelance editor, and while she enjoys writing historical fiction, Jessica’s library is full of fantasy, romance, westerns, and the occasional sci-fi.

Jake Reilly

Challenge Coordinator, Education

A student currently learning game design with a minor in creative writing, Jake Reilly has a passion for science fiction, world building and video games. Especially when all three of them are in the same place. 

When he writes, he enjoys the process of world building the most. When he isn’t writing he can be seen playing video games with his friends or going out for a walk in the city and enjoying the sights and sounds. Jake was brought onto the Writer’s Workout team during the Writer’s Games of Summer 2020 as a judge for the individual portion of the games. He hopes to help the team in their mission to help people grow as writers and to learn more about the craft himself. 
You can connect with Jake on Twitter: @JakeBuildsGames

Srivalli Rekha

Contributor, Brand

An MBA graduate, Srivalli Rekha also has an MA in English Literature. She loves to write, blog, cook, bake, take pictures, draw and craft silly things. Nature is her greatest inspiration. 

She has contributed to anthologies by The Writer's Workout, ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications, and The Hive, along with many other publications. She has self-published two ebooks on Amazon and is working on two more. 

Srivalli is a part of the editorial board of The Hive. She is also a book reviewer and a member of NetGalley and Book Sirens. A poet at heart, she posts her poems (and book reviews) on her Blog

You can connect with Srivalli on Goodreads and Instagram

Georgia Yindra

Editor, Publications

Georgia is an aspiring editor and outdoors enthusiast. If she isn’t reading your submissions to WayWords, you can find her behind the counter at a candy store and spending time outside skiing and hiking. Her favorite book is The Dog Stars by Peter Heller because it beautifully constructs the relationships between man, dog, and nature. She is also interested in experimental fiction, women’s soccer, and sustainability.

Sarah Perchikoff

Director of Brand

Sarah Perchikoff is a writer of many different things: novels, short stories, articles, and blog posts. When she's not writing or editing (or procrastinating), she likes to play with her dog, Gracie, and read way too many books and blog about them at Bookish Rantings. She’s also known to hoard Sour Patch Kids, spend too much time on social media, and eat as many french fries as possible. Sarah currently lives in Michigan where she, unsuccessfully, tries to stay warm. 


Sarah started as an intern/judge for the Writer's Games and is now the Director of Brand for The Writer's Workout. She loves to see how writers develop their process, hone their craft, and the unique stories they come up with through their writing journey. You can connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sperchikoff.

Email: Sarah.Perchikoff@writersworkout.net for information about author interviews, blog contribution, and company/group affiliation.

EJ Fowler

Director of Social Media

EJ's introduction to The Writer's Workout was as an intern during the 2017 Writer's Games, where her passion for engaging with writers and talking about how writing works led her to becoming the Director of Social Media. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, Writing, and a minor in Applied Linguistics.


In the massive folder of WIPs on EJ's computer, you'll find everything from Nancy Drew-like mysteries to stories that take place in witch academies with plenty of surrealist fiction in between. Her biggest passion is bringing casually diverse narratives to the young adult genre, as well as stories that remind us that not everything has to be dark and gritty to be worth reading. 


When she's not writing, EJ usually has a crochet hook in her hand: writing and crochet have been her passions for well over a decade. She likes to crochet everything from grid-design blankets, to stuffed animal sweaters, to jellyfish hats. Recently, she has also been spending a lot of time taking care of her and her partner's new kitten: Ophelia, who lovingly goes by Ophie (@ophiethekitten) as she loves to sit on keyboards and play with hair ties. Keep up with EJ on Instagram: @andromeda_falls

Email: Emily.Fowler@writersworkout.net for information about all our social media accounts and cross-promotion.

Amy Hickman

Director of International Operations and Merchandising

Amy is a writer of romance, but enjoys twisting her writing with elements of other genres.


While her writing focuses on romance, her tastes in reading material vary between horror, crime fiction, occasional romance, and true crime.

Amy is currently the Head of International Operations at the Writer's Workout, a place she feels is a wonderful community of fellow writers where not only is there a great network of support and advice, but where she has been challenged to break out of her comfort zone and embrace different genres and styles. Amy joined the administrative team in 2017.

Email: Amy.Hickman@writersworkout.net for information about community projects, workshops, and merchandising.

Bella Ligenza

Internship Coordinator

Bella Ligenza is mostly a thriller and crime writer, but has gained an appreciation for a wide range of genres since working with The Writer's Workout. In her free time, Bella loves to knit, binge true crime podcasts, bake, and snuggle up with her dog, Nessie.

Bella started off as an intern for the Writer's Games in 2019 and is now the Internship Coordinator for The Writer's Workout. She loves getting to know all of the interns in the program and helping them along their individual journeys.

Email: Isabella.Ligenza@writersworkout.net for information about interns and our internship program. 

Cindy McWilliams

Co-Founder, CFO, HR

Cindy writes in a mixture of genres from contemporary romance and YA fantasy to historical horror and everything in between. She is particularly fond of Southern Gothic Horror and YA contemporary. She loves reading in almost every genre, but has a particular enjoyment for public health nonfiction and Middle Grade fantasy. When she's not reading or putting words on paper, she spends time with her long-suffering husband and three furkids. 

Email: Cindy.McWilliams@writersworkout.net for information about acquisitions, publications, and career opportunities.

Theresa Green

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Theresa enjoys writing crime and historical fiction. While she is drawn to a well-planned sentence and will read almost any genre, she maintains a passionate disapproval of present tense. Really, writing this bio is killing her. Theresa believes in the power of continual learning and encourages members of The Writer's Workout to strive for greatness in understanding writing concepts and theory. 


As one of the founders, Theresa strives to maintain an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere at the Writer's Workout. Its ability to grow and evolve inspires and motivates her to keep pushing boundaries, trying new writing styles, and learning new things. Connect with Theresa on Twitter: @kuzitiz.

Email: Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net for information about The Writer's Games, Writing Arcade, subscriptions, and general company information. 

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The Writer's Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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