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Track your writing, try new challenges, discover writing events, and measure your progress as you grow throughout the year with the Achievement Tracker!


This Achievement Tracker is fully integrated with the Writer's Workout schedule: it includes separate pages for WW Challenges, Writer's Games, Writing Arcade, and more! It's been designed and tested to help you measure your writing progress. The Achievement Tracker shows your total word count, competition wins, and publications throughout the year as well as your daily, weekly, and monthly average word count. Seeing these totals and averages helps you develop constructive writing habits, encourages you to try different things, and provides a clear visual of your growth.

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We're still in the process of a major website redesign. Specifics for this page are coming soon. Please understand each Achievement Tracker is developed and coded by hand. Receipt of your personalized link may take up to a week. Please keep a log of your words until you receive your link. 

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How it works: an explanation and overview of the Achievement Tracker

Pages and Options: pages included and various customizable options

Quick Fix: help! How do I...?

Affiliates: other writing organizations included with this Tracker

Tracker Updates

How it works


When you register for the FREE WW Achievement Tracker, you're making a promise to yourself not only to write throughout the year, but to support yourself by inputting your word counts and competition submissions so the Tracker can motivate you. 

What to do:

  1. Once you have your personalized link, bookmark it! This is your link throughout the year and only you and two WW Administrators have access to this link (that's for troubleshooting; we won't look at your Tracker unless you ask us to).

    1. Please note attempting to use this tracker offline makes us unable to troubleshoot your tracker, fix problems someone else noticed, or add more information. It makes you ineligible for Writing Arcade tickets. ​

  2. Open your link and wait for it to load. It's a big spreadsheet with a LOT of calculations so be patient, this may take a moment. Click the page you want to update from the menu at the bottom. 

    1. Tip: ​Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to view all the pages this Tracker offers.

    2. ​Some pages have locked space and appear with a small lock icon before the name of the sheet. This is to let you know you may not be able to edit specific cells on that page. ​These cells are integral to the calculations and changing them will break your Tracker. Don't worry, Google will tell you a cell is locked if you click on it.

  3. Enter your title and word count information in the appropriate cells. ​For the WW Challenges page, choose the month and challenge you're working on, then enter your title and word count. After votes are tallied, you can enter 1 if you win the challenge!

  4. Watch your word count grow on the Totals page!

Pages and Options


This Tracker is PACKED with content! We've created space for you to track your progress in novels, short stories, poems, blog posts, even nonfiction and freelance work! There's space for set aside for WW Challenges: Trope Challenge and The 500, Writer's Games, and affiliate contests from The First Line and Support Indie Authors. Each space feeds into your Overall Total where your daily, weekly, and monthly word count averages are displayed. 


You can customize your tracker by filling in the spaces where text is in parentheses. This includes titles of your longer works and the dates you begin and complete your projects, as well as all those gorgeous word counts, of course! Competition wins can be tracked on each of the challenge pages and all your community participation feeds into the Writing Arcade

Standard included pages:

WW Challenges, Writer's Games, Anthologies, Novels, Short Stories, Poems, Blogs, Nonfiction, The First Line, Support Indie Authors, and NaNoWriMo.

Arcade-specific pages: 

Tickets, WW Arcade, Arcade August


Quick Fix

Help! How do I...​

Is your Totals page showing a negative number? Make sure you update the green box marked "Current Document Word Count" even if you haven't worked on the piece yet this year. This cell helps the Tracker calculate your total word count. 

If you're not sure you're registered for Writing Arcade, check your Tracker for a few key elements.

Totals page: Level, Tickets, and Arcade Name are near the top on this first page. These will only exist in your Tracker if you are registered for Writing Arcade. 

Tickets page: this page is next to your Totals page and is your balance sheet for earnings and expenditures of tickets. 

WW Arcade page: this page comes after your WW Challenges page and includes space for you to track your participation in all WW events like Writing Prompt Wednesday, Feedback Friday, judging monthly challenges, and other fun opportunities.


We haven't received any questions on the operation of this Tracker. Please feel free to email Theresa if you need clarification.


Affiliates and Partners

The First Line

The purpose of The First Line is to jump start the imagination--to help writers break through the block that is the blank page. Each issue contains short stories that stem from a common first line; it also provides a forum for discussing favorite first lines in literature. The First Line is an exercise in creativity for writers and a chance for readers to see how many different directions we can take when we start from the same place.


Support Indie Authors

Founded in January 2015, this group was initially designed as a way for me to support indie authors by reading their work and featuring them on my website. Since then it has evolved into a valuable resource and support system for authors who have or would like to self-publish.


With the help of some patient and efficient moderators, Support Indie Authors fights to help indie authors rise above the stigma that is self publishing, as well as serves to provide a supportive environment for those who want to share experiences, ask for help, and simply find some friends with common goals.  





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Affiliate contests and anthologies are included with permission*.


The Writer's Workout is proud to provide links and associate information for all affiliates and service providers. You can join this list of affiliates by emailing Sarah at with details of your contest. 


*The Writer's Workout is not affiliated with NaNoWriMo or The Office of Letters and Light. Inclusion of NaNoWriMo and Camp spaces is for personal use only and is not intended to replace the NaNoWriMo services in whole or in part. Please visit for information on this amazing resource.