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Track your writing progress from draft, to edit, to submission; this amazing tool will help you try new challenges, discover different styles, and rapidly improve your writing skills all year long!


This Achievement Tracker is fully integrated with the Writer's Workout and includes automatic updates when we launch a challenge, all your Writer's Games necessities, and logs your Writing Arcade progress so you can focus on your favorite thing: writing. This incredible service also helps you set goals and track submissions with a brand new Submissions Manager! You can find your totals and daily word count average organized in an easy-to-follow Totals Page to help you develop constructive writing habits and provide a clear visual of your growth throughout the year.

Start tracking your growth in 2021! Choose your plan below. 

Check out the screengrabs below and find a complete list of features!



To help fund prizes and activities for this volunteer organization, we're providing a few different options. You can subscribe to the Achievement Tracker alone or upgrade to the Better Writer plan for additional features including the Writing Arcade.


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Monthly: $2

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Please note the Writing Arcade is not available in the basic Tracker. To add the Writing Arcade, upgrade to the Better Writer Subscription Service.

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Use the slideshow below to see screengrabs and descriptions of each page to see just how amazing this tool really is. 

Click on the images to see them more clearly. Scroll down for further explanations, options, and troubleshooting.

Menu Page
Menu Page

Page descriptions and links on this tab.

press to zoom
Totals Page
Totals Page

Everything you add, sorted for you.

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Submissions Manager
Submissions Manager

Track where you're sending your word-babies on this tab.

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Menu Page
Menu Page

Page descriptions and links on this tab.

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How It Works

When you sign up for the WW Achievement Tracker, you're making a promise to yourself not only to write throughout the year, but to support yourself by inputting your word counts and competition submissions so the Tracker can motivate you. 

What to do:

1. Once you receive your personalized link, bookmark it!

  • For your protection, only you and the WW co-founders can access this link. We won't look at your Tracker unless you ask us to.​

  • Your Tracker is offline-enabled. This means if your internet crashes mid-update, it'll save your progress until your connection is restored. Please note the Tracker is not available for download.​


2. This Tracker is a big spreadsheet so be patient when you open it. Select the page you want to update from the menu or use the tab navigations at the bottom.  

  • Tip: ​Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to view all the pages this Tracker offers.

  • To improve functionality and decrease load-times, we've included an average number of spaces for tabs like Writing, Editing, and the Submissions Manager. If one of your tabs fills up and you need more space, let us know! Email Theresa at to submit a service ticket.


3. Enter your title and word count information in the appropriate cells and click the checkboxes for added organization on your Totals page. You can submit your work from inside the Tracker!


4. Watch your achievements grow on the Totals page.

  • With Google Drive, saving and updates are automatic. ​You don't even need a Google account!

We strive to provide the very best possible options to our members and may push out a service-wide update. If this happens, we'll let you know in advance so we can minimize downtime and maintain functionality. 

View the changelog of the Achievement Tracker here.

Pages and Options

This Tracker is loaded with options! Now you've seen what the pages look like (above), find out what's available on each one here. 


Menu: this is the first page you see when you open your Tracker. It includes an internal navigation to help you jump between sections and an explanation of what to expect on each page.

Totals: your Totals page organizes everything you've added to your Tracker. It breaks down the types of writing and editing you've added into manageable segments so you can see what you write more often and how many pieces you've finished. It even calculates your daily average word count!

Goals: setting achievable goals is a great way to stay motivated. Create a few goals for yourself , set your own deadline (or don't), and click the checkbox when you crush it!

WW Challenges: on the right half of this page, you'll find every Writer's Workout challenge we announce. Word count ranges and deadlines show up too, just to help you keep track. On the left, add your entry's title and word count.

Writer's Games: this page helps you keep track of your Writer's Games entries. Find each Event name, your feedback document, a sample Title Information block, and quick access to submit your entry from inside your Tracker! 

Writing Arcade: find your Arcader information here, including your Arcade feedback document, a sample Title Information block, easy submissions link, and all your stats.

Please understand this feature is only available to Better Writer subscribers and is not included with a basic Tracker plan. You can upgrade anytime.

Writing: use this page to record everything else you write. You can use the checkboxes to help your Totals page organize your writing so you can see all your amazing progress!

Editing: whether it's personal or professional, you can use this space to log every page you've edited. The checkboxes here help you see how much of your writing life is spent on this crucial step. 

Submissions Manager: reaching this stage in the writing process is a feat worth celebrating. With this page, you can record where you're sending your work and when so you have a better idea when to expect a reply. 

Reading: reading is vital to improving your writing so use this page to see how many books you read in a year.


Choose your plan below, you will be redirected to PayPal. 

Monthly: $2

Annually: $20


Each page includes at least a hundred spaces. This helps keep the loading time down but if you run out of space, it's easy to add more! Just submit a service ticket to Theresa via email:


Help! How do I...​

Out of Space

Have you been living your best writing life and now one of your pages is full? We can add more space! Submit a service ticket to Theresa via email ( Way to go, writer!

Adding The Writing Arcade

The Writing Arcade is a special feature for members of our Better Writer monthly subscription service and is not available for the basic Tracker plan. You can upgrade your Tracker to the Better Writer service for just a few dollars more and unlock a ton of other great tools. If you've paid for the full year in advance, your first two months are free!

Ready to upgrade? Email Theresa ( 


We haven't received any questions on the operation of this Tracker. Please feel free to email Theresa if you need clarification.