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Track your writing, try new challenges, discover writing events, and measure your progress as you grow throughout the year with the Achievement Tracker!


This Achievement Tracker is fully integrated with the Writer's Workout schedule: it includes separate pages for WW Challenges, Writer's Games, Writing Arcade, and more! It's designed and tested to help you measure all your literary progress: the Achievement Tracker shows your total word count, competition wins, reading, editing, publications, and more throughout the year as well as your daily and monthly average word count. Seeing these totals and averages helps you develop constructive writing habits, encourages you to try different things, and provides a clear visual of your growth.

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The 2020 Achievement Tracker is better than ever! Check out our screen grabs below and find a complete list of features in this super-powered Tracker!



To help fund prizes and activities for this volunteer organization, pricing for the 2020 Achievement Tracker is as follows:

Monthly: $1

Six months: $5

Scholarships are available but dependent on the generosity of your fellow writers. If you'd like to donate to the scholarship fund, space is available in the Tracker Signup.

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How it works: an explanation and overview of the Achievement Tracker

Pages and Options: pages included and various customizable options

Troubleshooting: help! How do I...?

Tracker Updates: Review the full evolution of the Achievement Tracker.

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The images below are just a few screengrabs from the 2020 Achievement Tracker. When you register, you can select which pages you'd like to see in your Tracker. You can also add the Writing Arcade option for free!


Click on the images to see them more clearly. Scroll past the images for explanations, options, and troubleshooting.

Tracker 2020 Totals Sample.png

Find out how much you've accomplished on this first page of your Achievement Tracker. It has space for your fiction, nonfiction, reading, and editing achievements as well as daily and monthly word count averages.


Want to track how successful your contest entries are? It does that too!

Tracker 2020 Challenges Sample.png
WW Challenges

Use this page to record your Weekly Micro and Inky Deep pieces. You can click the checkbox when you've posted each piece to our Forum. Some months may include challenges developed by fellow WW members as part of the Writing Arcade. They'll appear directly in your Tracker!

Tracker 2020 Games Sample.png
Writer's Games

Keeping track of your Writer's Games progress is super easy in this Tracker. Check the box when you submit your entry and if you place in the top five for the Event, you'll get publication credit too! If you're registered for Games, your Feedback Document is linked at the top of each column. Registration is easy: the link will pop up in your Tracker when it's active!

Tracker 2020 Editing Sample.png

Finally, a way to organize your editing! Whether you're a professional, a dabbler, or someone who keeps forgetting which projects are in which phase of your personal process, you can log your page progress here. 

How It Works

When you sign up for the WW Achievement Tracker, you're making a promise to yourself not only to write throughout the year, but to support yourself by inputting your word counts and competition submissions so the Tracker can motivate you. 

What to do:

  1. Once you have your personalized link, bookmark it!

    • Only you and two WW Administrators have access to this link. We won't look at your Tracker unless you ask us to.​

    • Please do not try to use this Tracker offline: it makes us unable to troubleshoot issues or add new features. It also makes you ineligible for Writing Arcade tickets. ​

  2. This Tracker is a huge spreadsheet so be patient when you open it. Click the page you want to use from the menu at the bottom. 

    • Tip: ​Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to view all the pages this Tracker offers.

    • If one of your pages fills up and you need more space, let us know! Email Theresa at Theresa.Green [at] writersworkout [dot] net and let her know where to add more.

  3. Enter your title and word count information in the appropriate cells.

    • ex: For the WW Challenges page, choose the month and challenge you're working on, then enter your title and word count. Click the checkbox when you post your piece to the forum!

  4. Watch your achievements grow on the Totals page!

    • With Google Drive, saving and updates are automatic. ​You don't even need a Google account!

Pages and Options

This Tracker is loaded with content! You have optional space to track your novels, short stories, poems, blog posts, nonfiction, reading, editing, and anthology entries! There's space for WW Challenges, Writer's Games, and the Writing Arcade. Each space feeds into your Overall Total where your daily and monthly word count averages are displayed. 


Standard included pages:

Totals, WW Challenges, Writer's Games, Anthologies.

Optional pages: 

WW Arcade, Novels, Short Stories, Poems, Blog, Nonfiction, Reading, Editing

You can add these optional pages to your Tracker at any time with a quick email to Theresa.

Theresa.Green [at] writersworkout [dot] net


Help! How do I...​

Negative Number Total

If your Totals page is showing a negative number, don't panic. The Novels page uses a subtraction formula so look through your "Starting" and "Current" word count spaces. If you've entered a Starting count, make sure you include the Current count, even if it's the same number. 

Ran Out of Space

Have you been living your best writing life and now one of your pages is full? We can add more space! Send Theresa an email and let her know which pages you've filled up. Way to go, writer!

Theresa.Green [at] writersworkout [dot] net

Adding The Writing Arcade

If you're not sure you're registered for the Writing Arcade, check your Tracker for a few key elements.

Totals page: Level, Tickets, and Arcade Name are near the top right on this first page. If your username and ticket spaces are blank, you're not registered.

WW Arcade page: this page comes after the Writer's Games page and includes space to track your Arcade-exclusive challenges, participation, and your progress in The Puzzle. You'll also find your ticket balance and Boss Battle progress here. If this page is not visible in your Tracker, you're not registered.

Want to add the Writing Arcade to your Tracker for free? Email Theresa with your intended username. 


We haven't received any questions on the operation of this Tracker. Please feel free to email Theresa if you need clarification. 

Theresa.Green [at] writersworkout [dot] net

Affiliate contests and anthologies are included with permission.


The Writer's Workout is proud to provide links and associate information for all affiliates and service providers. You can join this list of affiliates by emailing Sarah at Sarah.Perchikoff [at] writersworkout [dot] net with details of your contest. 

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