Writing Arcade


The Writing Arcade is a year-long, arcade-style challenge with tickets and prizes. After you register, you can track your writing, participate in challenges, defeat the bosses, level up, and earn tickets as you write. 

The Writing Arcade is fully integrated into The Writer's Workout activities and challenges. This means that everything we do has the potential to earn tickets for your bank.

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WW Challenges


The Writer's Workout runs two separate challenges every month: Trope Challenge and The 500. Each month of 2019 is dedicated to a different genre to help us learn how to weave more intricate and interesting fiction.

Trope Challenge is a week-long writing exploration of two tropes that begins the first Friday of every month. Not only does your participation in this challenge improve your understanding of the chosen tropes and the month's genre, your added word count earns tickets. Participation in Trope Challenge encourages you to utilize the Critique Training Center as you critique the work of a fellow participant. The Critique Training Center is also used for the Critique Boss, explained on the Information page.

The 500 is a 72-hour writing challenge with a range of 100-500 words. Using the month's genre, this challenge goes straight to the heart of what makes the genre lovable and creates the opportunity to truly utilize what you learned throughout the month. Not only does every word count toward your ticket total, entries to The 500 create the opportunity for lovely Arcaders like yourself to judge the challenge. Judging The 500 adds another ticket to your bank!

Partner Story is a brand new challenge to The Writer's Workout in 2019 and here's why we're excited: Partner Story encourages two Arcaders to team up in the creation of a co-written story. It happens four times a year and this challenge helps Arcaders in several ways. For Partner Story, both you and your partner can claim your entry's word count. You get a ticket just for submitting an entry within the guidelines. Your entry provides your fellow Arcaders a chance to claim a ticket for judging the challenge. Lastly, and this is possibly the best part of this challenge: critiquing entries for the Partner Challenge will help you beat the Partner Challenge Boss. 

Additional Options (WW Arcade page)


The Writing Arcade is designed to provide you with a ton of ways to earn tickets and create writing friendships. 


Writing Prompt Wednesday - If you created a story or incorporated the Writing Prompt Wednesday into your Work In Progress (WIP), you can type "Yes" (without quotes) into the appropriate box on your WW Arcade page to record this ticket. You do not need to write this on the date of posting and you do not need to share your work (but you're encouraged to do so if you feel comfortable!) to record this ticket.

Feedback Friday - Every Friday at The Writer's Workout, writers are encouraged to share up to 500 words of what they're currently writing to seek the advice of their peers, using #FF. If you comment with constructive criticism on any of these #FF posts, enter the total number of posts you commented on in the appropriate box on your WW Arcade page to record this ticket. 

Judging Challenges - You can earn a ticket for judging the 500 and Partner Challenges. The 500 occurs on the 23-26th of each month while the Partner Challenge runs one month at a time, four times a year. If you judge The 500 or Partner Challenge, type Yes into the appropriate box on your WW Arcade page to record this ticket. 

Partner Challenge - If you and your partner create and submit an entry for the Partner Challenge, you can type Yes into the appropriate box on your WW Arcade page to record this ticket. 

Referral - If you refer a friend to the Writing Arcade, let them know they can list your name on the form. For every person you refer who joins and uses their Tracker, we'll add a ticket to your bank.

Success Spotlight - Also seen as "Shout Out", we've set aside space in every monthly newsletter to cheer your successes. If you finally finished your WIP, queried an agent, self published, sold 100 copies, or achieved another writing goal, let us know! Email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net. If you're featured in the monthly newsletter, we'll add a ticket to your bank. 

The Fine Print:

Writing Arcade is FREE to enter. Writing Arcade and all subsequent content is copyright The Writer's Workout, 2019.

Registration is open all year.

Accumulate your tickets to purchase prizes. Prizes are limited quantity and first come, first served. Prizes are subject to availability and subject to change throughout the year without warning or notice. Prizes are paid for by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout.

Dragon Draw is open only to Writing Arcade participants with ten or more tickets in their bank. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Tickets cannot be applied retroactively and do not transfer. Tickets have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for monetary equivalent. Tickets may be redeemed by emailing Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Your information will not be retained, sold, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part by The Writer's Workout or affiliates thereof.

Entries for the Writing Arcade are not considered "submissions" for the purposes of exclusive contests or other organizations. You own the rights to the words you have written.


Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net