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Frequently Asked Questions

The land of the Writing Arcade is a big place and it looks like a wild amount of features and choices. Once you take the plunge and submit your first piece, we guarantee you'll be back for more.


The Arcade system is newly redesigned for 2021 to provide a stronger game-like atmosphere. Below, you'll find a quick reference guide to help you succeed.

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Writing Arcade is a feature of the

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How do I sign up?

  • Writing Arcade is a feature of the Better Writer subscription service. To register for the Arcade, simply subscribe to the Better Writer Standard plan here

Where do I start? 

  • Once you're subscribed, you'll get a badge to give you access to the quests. You can start anywhere! Choose a quest and use the difficulty options to decide your path between prose or poetry. You're encouraged to pick whichever path feels most inspiring. 

What do the difficulty options mean?

  • You'll find difficulty options below each quest. The default difficulty is Easy, a word or line count range limitation. Every submission must meet at least the Easy difficulty. If you choose, you can attempt higher difficulty options for more points. The Medium difficulty is a Core Concept of writing (for the Prose path) or an emotion (for the Poetry path), where the Hard difficulty is a target genre (for Prose) or a style (for Poetry). If you choose the Hard difficulty, the team will assess not only your genre/style usage but the Core Concept or emotion expression as well. They'll give you a breakdown of your score in your feedback document.


How much time do I have (or) When is the deadline? 

  • Writing Arcade is self-paced. You're encouraged to set your own deadlines to keep you focused but the Arcade itself does not include quest deadlines. 


What is a Side Quest?

  • Side Quest is a list of five items to weave into any of the existing quests. It's a great opportunity to boost your points and unlock a boss battle because you get points for how well you use the items. Just make sure to update your Title Information to let the team know. Side Quest changes every month and each list can only be used once.

What is/How do I use an Extra Life?

  • Extra Life is like a do-over. You can only attempt each quest once so the Extra Life gives you the opportunity to revise a piece that didn't score as high as you wanted. Use the feedback from that piece and resubmit, just make sure to update your Title Information to let the team know. They'll update your score based on your revisions. You can even try a different difficulty!

Where/When do I get feedback?

  • Our team of volunteers works hard to provide you the quality feedback you deserve. Once you submit a piece, wait a few days. You can start working on a new quest during this time if you'd like. When you see a score next to your most recent submission's title on your Writing Arcade page, click your username to access your feedback document. 


How do I submit an entry? 

  • WW maintains a Dropbox account to give you easy access to submit from multiple places.

    • From the Quests page, go to the submissions section and click the green "Arcade Dropbox" button. Drop your file in there!

    • From your Achievement Tracker, go to the Arcade tab and click the green "Arcade Dropbox" button at the top. Drop your file in there!

    • You can email your file to submissions@writersworkout.net. WW accepts .doc, .docx, and .odt file types. Please understand email is not preferred for the Arcade and may delay scoring and feedback.

What is Title Information (or) Why is Title Information important?

  • Title Information is the section of your document that tells the team what you're submitting. It's important so they know what to look for and can assess your work accurately. In your Title Information, include your name, entry title, quest name, word count, and difficulty: 

Rudyard Kipling

The Elephant's Child

A Big Mistake



What's the best/most preferred submission method?

  • WW maintains a Dropbox account to make it easy for you to submit your work! We prefer Dropbox because it's easy to sort files and your entry receipt is accurate. You can find a link to the Arcade Dropbox on the Quests page or on the Arcade page of your Tracker. 

    • Also accepted, though not preferred, you may submit your entry via email to submissions@writersworkout.net. Please understand this method takes longer to process and can lead to delays in your scoring and feedback. ​

What if something goes wrong?

  • Accidents happen and sometimes, technology fails us. If you lose your Tracker, a submission gets lost, or some other wild thing plagues your progress, email Theresa. (Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net)


What if I run out of quests?

  • We've created a little over twenty quests per level. An average writer might need around twelve quests to unlock a boss, if they stick to the Easy difficulty every time. This means they have eight quests they didn't need. As you advance, you'll build up more and more extra quests in case you get stuck.


What does my score mean?

  • Your score is how many points you earned with each submission. Our team carefully assesses your writing based on quality, style, author voice, and adherence to the selected quest. In your feedback document, you'll find a breakdown of how each of these writing tools contributed to your score for that piece. 


How do I know if I'm winning?

  • Writing Arcade is a competition with yourself so if your writing is improving, you're winning! You can also check the leader board on the main Arcade page to see how many points other writers have earned. 

Can my piece be disqualified?

  • Even though Writing Arcade is a competition, your piece cannot be disqualified.

    • Your adherence to the quest listed in your Title Information is reflected in your score.

    • If your Title Information is incorrect, the team will not review your piece.

How do I level up?

  • You earn points for each quest you complete. With enough points, you can unlock a boss battle. Each battle is different, so follow the directions carefully and write your way to victory! 

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The Fine Print:

The Writing Arcade is a feature of the Achievement Tracker and is available only to Better Writer subscribers. 

Writing Arcade and all subsequent content is copyright The Writer's Workout, 2021.

Registration is open all year.

Complete quests to earn points. Defeat bosses to level up. Use your points to purchase prizes. Prizes are limited quantity and first come, first served. Prizes are subject to availability and subject to change throughout the year without warning or notice. Prizes are paid for by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Writer's Workout cannot provide prizes to Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea, due to US Government restrictions.

Points cannot be applied retroactively and do not transfer. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for monetary equivalent. Points may be redeemed by emailing Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Wally Writer and his tools were designed and developed for the Writing Arcade by Jessie Fisher and owned by The Writer's Workout.

Your information will not be retained, sold, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part by The Writer's Workout or affiliates thereof.

RIGHTS to the Writing Arcade submissions are the sole property of their authors and are NOT considered "submissions" for the purposes of outside organizations.  


Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net