Writing Arcade


What is it?

The Writing Arcade is a year-long, arcade-style challenge with tickets and prizes. After you register, you track your writing, participate in challenges, defeat the bosses, level up, and earn tickets as you write. You can redeem your tickets for prizes throughout the year.

On this page: Levels, How it works, Boss Battles, Prizes

Visit the Challenges page for additional ways to earn tickets.

How it works

The most important tool you need for the Writing Arcade is the WW Achievement Tracker. This tracker has space for you to track your word count, competition entries, Arcade-related participation, and your tickets. 

Register for the Writing Arcade: Press Start. Registration is open all year.


Once you have your tracker, fill it with your successes throughout the year and watch your daily, weekly, and monthly averages grow! Update your word count when you write. Each week, the Leader Board is updated on the cusp of Thursday morning, UTC, so make sure your word counts are up-to-date on Wednesdays!


Each level requires a different number of words to earn one ticket.

Level 1 - 2,000 words

Level 2 - 1,900 words

Level 3 - 1,800 words

Level 4 - 1,700 words

Level 5 - 1,600 words

Level 6 - 1,500 words

Level 7 - 1,450 words

Level 8 - 1,400 words

Level 9 - 1,350 words

Level 10 - 1,300 words

Level 11 - 1,250 words

Level 12 - 1,000 words

Level advancement is available monthly through various Boss Battles.


Participate in Writer's Workout social activities like helping others improve by commenting on their Feedback Friday posts, trying the Writing Prompt on Wednesdays, working with a fellow Arcader on the Partner Story Challenge, judging The 500 and Partner Story challenges, referring friends, and submitting your success to be featured in our monthly newsletter. Check out the Challenges page for full details on all the Arcade-related challenges and various ways you can earn tickets.

Each month, you can choose one of the Boss Battles to complete and submit. If you successfully beat the boss, you level up!

Some writers can apply to coach others. Following successful completion of training, they'll be assigned a fellow WW member to work with one-on-one for a month. The tickets you earn from coaching depend on how you're rated at the end of the month... times 2!

Throughout the year, various prizes* will be available for purchase with the tickets you've earned. These prizes include bookmarks, stickers, travel mugs, notebooks, giveaway entries, gift cards, digital services, and WW merchandise.


*Prizes are donated by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout.



Boss Battles

Boss Battles are available throughout the month to any Arcader with the guts to take on the challenge. The Arcader should select their challenge carefully and submit their completed project at least five days before the end of the month. If a challenge is submitted late, it might not count on the current month and you'll be stuck in your current level until your challenge is counted and approved. Arcaders may choose the same Boss each month regardless of previous defeat.


Guest Review

If you read a great book (or a terrible one), you can try to beat this Boss by writing a review for our blog. Send your complete review in around 1,000 words to Sarah. If she schedules your review for posting, you beat this Boss! 

Guest Comparison

If you read a book and saw the film (or TV show), you can write a Page/Screen Comparison of the two for our blog. Send your complete comparison in around 1,500 words to Sarah. If she schedules your review for posting, you beat this Boss!

Guest Topic

Sometimes the stars align and we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others. This Boss promotes the helping hand of a Topic Post for our blog. Check the schedule on our Calendar page and choose a genre where you excel. Be the font of wisdom for your fellow WW members by creating a post about that topic. If Sarah schedules your post, you beat this Boss!

WW Anthology Entry

This is another elusive Boss because it's only available a short time this year and even our Arcade Administrator can't predict its movements. Watch for the Open Call posting on the Publications page. If you submit an entry for a WW Anthology that meets the submission requirements--whether it's published or not--this Boss is dust.

Blog Comments

This Boss lives in the blog and fears the insightful comments of readers. To defeat this Boss, you must comment on each blog post for the month. Aim to encourage communication with other readers. Before the month's deadline, email Sarah so she can check this Boss's vital signs for defeat.


Additional Bosses may be added at a later date. Most Bosses are available for repeat defeat.

Blog-related Bosses and questions may be submitted to Sarah: Sarah.Perchikoff@writersworkout.net.

Other Bosses and questions may be submitted to Theresa: Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.



As you earn more tickets, you're eligible to purchase prizes from the vault. The Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout have fully stocked the prize vault for your perusal. These prizes ship anywhere but once each type of prize is gone, it won't be restocked. More fun items will be added to the vault as The Writer's Workout grows. You can even donate to the prize vault if you want!

To redeem your tickets for prizes, email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Prizes for ticket purchase are listed on the main Arcade page under the Leader Board. If you'd like to help The Writer's Workout by donating prizes for your fellow Arcaders, email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

The Fine Print:

Writing Arcade is FREE to enter. Writing Arcade and all subsequent content is copyright The Writer's Workout, 2019.

Registration is open all year.

Accumulate your tickets to purchase prizes. Prizes are limited quantity and first come, first served. Prizes are subject to availability and subject to change throughout the year without warning or notice. Prizes are paid for by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout.

Dragon Draw is open only to Writing Arcade participants with ten or more tickets in their bank. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Tickets cannot be applied retroactively and do not transfer. Tickets have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for monetary equivalent. Tickets may be redeemed by emailing Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Your information will not be retained, sold, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part by The Writer's Workout or affiliates thereof.

Entries for the Writing Arcade are not considered "submissions" for the purposes of exclusive contests or other organizations. You own the rights to the words you have written.

Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.