CE Snow

2020 Writer's Games Winner
Individual Portion 2
Third Place

The Writer's Workout conducted the following interview with CE Snow in October, 2020. The Writer's Workout is represented as "WW" and CE is represented as "CE". Interview responses are published as received. 



WW: What made you participate in The Writer's Games this year?


I like to write words
Prompts and deadlines keep me sharp
Writer’s Games are fun

WW: Were you nervous coming into Games this year? What were you worried about?


I never worry
It breaks imagination
Let go and create



WW: What kept you motivated to participate in each Event?


To challenge myself
Try something I’ve never done
Make something brand new


WW: What was your favorite part of The Writer's Games this portion?


So many new prompts
Friends cheering for each other
Great new word babies



WW: What was the hardest part and why?


Crippling self-doubt
COVID exhaustion is rough
The blank page judges


WW: Which Event was the most difficult for you?


Oh my gods, romance
Can I kill the characters?
Love is pain, my friends



WW: How did the outside world get in the way of your writing?


I mentioned COVID
Did I note my laptop died?
The gremlins hate me



WW: What did you learn about your writing during this portion of the Games?


I can overcome
Romance, writer’s block, and fear
Nothing can stop me



WW: What's the best writing advice you've ever gotten? Who said it and how has it helped you?


Don’t believe your thoughts
About writing when you’re not
Trust in the doing



WW: What are you currently reading?


Horror: House of Leaves
by Mark Z Danielewski
Scary, annoying


It is the policy of The Writer's Workout to publish interview responses as received.