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Every great game has a side quest: that bonus adventure designed to help boost points and power. For the entire month of August, join us on a Side Quest of challenges, prompts, and ticket opportunities to help you fill your bank and earn fun prizes. Find out what's in store below!

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Daily Double

open count

Personal; no submission required.

Use the Writing Prompt Wednesday in a new story or existing work. These prompts follow the August discussion theme: Historical Fiction. 

How it works:

Every Wednesday, we post a writing prompt themed to the monthly discussion topic so you can practice what you've learned in discussion. For the Daily Double, complete the Writing Prompt Wednesday prompt posted across our social media. This might be a new scene in a current WIP, a standalone scene, or a whole new story! When you're finished with the prompt, add the word count for your inspired creation to the dated box on the Side Quest tab in your Tracker, then go to the WW Arcade tab and type "Yes" in the correct box for August. You'll earn tickets for word count and TWO tickets for completing the Daily Double! 

This is not a submission-based challenge.















Library Card Notebook

This hardcover notebook is light blue with an old-school style library check-out card cover and a ribbon place holder.

4 notebooks available 


Pride & Prejudice Pouch

Dark blue clutch with light blue print includes peacock feather illustration. Large enough for the essentials: small paperback, pen, phone.

9 pouches available 



Colorful, plastic bookmark with black tassel and quote or book-related design.

12 bookmarks available 


Prizes are first come, first served. Limit 1 of each per person. Email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net to redeem tickets.

Leader Board


As you earn more tickets, you're eligible to purchase prizes from the vault. The Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout have fully stocked the prize vault for your perusal. These prizes ship anywhere but once each type of prize is gone, it won't be restocked. More fun items will be added to the vault as The Writer's Workout grows. You can even donate to the prize vault if you want!

To redeem your tickets for prizes, email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Prizes for ticket purchase are listed on the main Arcade page under the Leader Board. If you'd like to help The Writer's Workout by donating prizes for your fellow Arcaders, email Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Sense-ational Saturday

open count

A submission is required for this challenge.

We're posting a different strong emotion each week for you to explore with the five senses.

How it works:

Every Saturday, we post a strong emotion to inspire a complete story. Work in ways each of the five senses interact with that strong emotion. Once your story is complete, you'll send it to the Arcade Administrator for review. For each of the senses you're able to work into your piece, we'll add 0.25x tickets to your count. If you can fit in all five, we'll add 1.5x tickets to your count. That's more than double the tickets!

Ticket breakdown:

If you're Level 1, you earn 1 ticket per 2,000 words. For this challenge, you'll earn 1.25 tickets per 2,000 words if you work one of the senses into your story. If you're able to work in all five for the week, you'll earn 2.5 tickets per 2,000 words on this story.  

You must submit your work to receive the bonus for this challenge. Submit entries* to submissions@writersworkout.net

* Entries must be submitted as attachments in an accepted file type. Please review the Submissions guide for accepted file types and proper formatting. 



Forum Fun

A free WW account is required for this challenge.

Every Sunday, post your favorite piece from the week to the forum for a public vote by likes.

How it works:

You worked hard all week so pick the story you loved most and post it to the forum in the Side Quest category. You'll have the opportunity to see what others created and vote for your favorite by hitting that <3 button. You get five tickets for having the courage to post your story and if it wins the week's vote, you get a bonus! 


Winner bonus:

If your story for the week wins the popular vote, choose any of your Side Quest creations during that week for DOUBLE TICKETS!   

You must have a free WW account to access the forum. You may register by clicking the Sign Up! button at the top right of any page.



The Fine Print:

The Achievement Tracker is required for The Writing Arcade.

The Writing Arcade is a FREE add-on to your Achievement Tracker. Writing Arcade and all subsequent content is copyright The Writer's Workout, 2020.

Registration is open all year.

Accumulate your tickets to purchase prizes. Prizes are limited quantity and first come, first served. Prizes are subject to availability and subject to change throughout the year without warning or notice. Prizes are paid for by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Writer's Workout cannot provide prizes to Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea, due to US Government restrictions.

Dragon Draw is open to Writing Arcade participants who meet the minimum qualifications for that prize as specified. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Tickets cannot be applied retroactively and do not transfer. Tickets have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for monetary equivalent. Tickets may be redeemed by emailing Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Your information will not be retained, sold, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part by The Writer's Workout or affiliates thereof.

Entries to Arcade-Exclusive competitions are considered "submissions" for the purposes of outside organizations. The Writer's Workout retains the right to first refusal. 

Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net