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Not your ordinary writing competition.

The Writer's Games is a two-month, challenge-based competition that can seem daunting until you dive in. It's not your ordinary writing competition for several reasons. First, all participants must register in advance to participate. Second, competition writing begins only after Events are announced. Third, Events are kept secret until the start of the Event. Fourth, every entry submitted on time receives honest, unbiased feedback from a team of future editors, professors, and literary agents, regardless of placement!

Read "What happens to my entry" below.


Here's how it works:


Competition breakdown:

Each week is the same, you can set recurring alarms so you won't miss a post!

Friday: Event announcement (midnight, UTC)

Saturday-Monday: WRITE!

Monday: email entry before midnight, UTC

Tuesday-Friday: judgement

Friday: winners announced

Friday (2 hours later): Event announcement

Repeat for six weeks!

  • On the same day every week, an Event is announced in our Forum. The Events are chosen before the start of the Games, but are kept secret until each Event begins. The announcement signals the beginning of the Event and the clock starts ticking on the 72-hour time limit.

    • Events begin at midnight, UTC, on the cusp of Saturday. For those in the Americas, that's Friday evening. Everywhere else, it's ​Saturday.

  • Write your heart out! Create a story that follows the Event announcement and utilizes the Core Concepts listed. Be sure you stay within the word count limit.

  • Before time runs out, edit and revise your short story. Be mindful of your formatting and submit your story via Dropbox or by email to submissions@writersworkout.net

    • WW accepts .doc, .docx, and .odt ​

  • When your story is in the judges' hands, look over the list of potential Events and try to think positive thoughts. Participate in the group discussions to better understand the concept behind the week's Event and prepare for the next Event.​

    • Feedback is released for entries by the deadline of the following Event.

    • Read below what happens to your entry when you email it to the judges.

  • Two hours before the next Event announcement, the judges announce the winners of the previous Event. Congratulations follow, but the celebration is quick. Tensions mount as everyone prepares for the next unknown challenge.

  • After the winner announcement for the final Event, scores are tallied and the overall winners are announced. These amazing writers participate in an interview with The Writer's Workout and receive these prizes.

  • At the end of the portion, the edited winning entries are compiled in an anthology. The proceeds from the sale of this anthology provide prizes and pay for this volunteer organization. You can read more on what goes into producing one portion of The Writer's Games on our Donations page.

The Writer's Games (originally dubbed the NaNoGames) were the brainchild of Heather Glomb. The first Games took place in May, 2014, and set out to encourage creative writing. When they finished, the writers wanted more, and this group was born.

Neither The Writer's Workout nor the Writer's Games are affiliated with NaNoWriMo or its parent company, The Office of Letters and Light (OLL). A portion of the profits from the sale of Writer's Games volumes are donated to OLL with permission from registered participants.

What happens to my entry?

Judgement of The Writer's Games is blind. Your registration for The Writer's Games grants you a numbered space on the score sheet. This number is assigned by an impartial third party and is known only to this third party. 

The number system allows judges to focus on the story and prevents bias. When you submit your entry, the third party compiles the entries in a document and replaces author names with their assigned numbers. This complete document is released to the judges for scoring. The judges never see a name attached to an entry.


Judges read entries from this document and place their scores in the private score sheet. Entries are never pitted against one another; they are judged solely on their relation to the active challenge. Your score is determined by how well you express an understanding of the Event's Core Concepts.

At the end of the scoring period for each Event, the third party reviews the score sheet to determine the highest scoring entries. The author names of the top five entries are posted to the WW Forum. These top five entries are edited, reviewed, and returned to their authors for revision before publication. Numerical scores are never released for any reason.

Every entry receives unbiased feedback from multiple sources.


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