Not your ordinary writing competition.

THE WRITER'S GAMES is an annual writing competition with a global reach. For six consecutive weeks, registered participants create short stories that meet the challenges (Events) announced for the week. Each Event lasts 72 hours and no one knows what that week's challenge might be until the clock starts. While the first Event is for practice, winners from the following five Events are published in the Writer's Games anthology. Competition is fierce (but friendly!).

Our team of judges (college interns and special guests) score each entry on a ten-point scale based on the story's expression of the Event's core concepts. Judges create private, personalized feedback for every entry regardless of placement so registered participants are encouraged to create stories for all of the Events. Weekly winner announcements help keep participants focused on the overall prizes: winner interviews, free anthologies, and much more! The Writer's Games makes it easy to try new genres and quickly improve your writing in just six weeks. 

The Writer's Games 2020 is coming up fast: registration opens April 1! Find out what goes into the production of one portion of The Writer's Games here


The Writer's Games is a global competition so all genres, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome. May the words flow to your victory.

The Games returns in April!

Count down with us to Registration:

Registration for Portion 1 begins APRIL 1. See the calendar for details.


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Reunite Wally with his shield! Register for Writer's Games and your entries will earn double their ticket value in May and September.

Writer's Games 2019

The 2019 Writer's Games have finished and we are honored to have the privilege of reading the several hundred short stories produced in the 72-hour time limit this year.

2019 Individual Portion 1 WINNERS:
3rd place: Tony Kelly

2nd place: MM Schreier
1st place: Anne Limbergh

Pick up your copy of 72 Hours of Insanity, vol. 6:



2019 Individual Portion 2 WINNERS:
3rd place: Janna Miller

2nd place: R.H. Berry
1st place: MM Schreier


Pick up your copy of 72 Hours of Insanity, vol. 7 soon in Print and Digital. 



Portion 1

10th Place, Rowan Rook

9th Place, Freya Bell

8th Place, Mia Neishy

7th Place, Srivalli Rekha

6th Place, Maria L. Berg

5th Place, Belinda White

4th Place, EJ Fowler

3rd Place, Tony Kelly

2nd Place, MM Schreier

1st Place, Anne Limbergh

Portion 2

10th Place, Mia Neishy

9th Place, Allison Rott

8th Place, Haley M Hwang

7th Place, Renee Boyer

6th Place, Srivalli Rekha

5th Place, Shelby Van Pelt

4th Place, Rachael Clarke

3rd Place, Janna Miller

2nd Place, R.H. Berry

1st Place, MM Schreier

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The Writer's Games (originally dubbed the NaNoGames) were the brainchild of Heather Glomb. The first Games took place in May, 2014, and set out to encourage creative writing. When they finished, the writers wanted more, and this group was born.

Neither The Writer's Workout nor the Writer's Games are affiliated with NaNoWriMo or its parent company, The Office of Letters and Light (OLL). A portion of the profits from the sale of Writer's Games volumes is donated to OLL with permission from registered participants.