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Those who understand the value of a good writing community will LOVE the Group Writer Challenge! You can register with a team of six or as a solo writer and we'll place you with a great group. For this challenge, you'll find a writing prompt in the box on this page. Create your tale, then work with your group as a peer-review system. Revise your piece based on their notes and submit! 


Each writer receives an individual critique. Individual scores contribute to the group score; we'll drop the lowest scores so every group has the same number of contributions. The group with the highest overall score wins! Register throughout March for the challenge release in April. All revised pieces are due by midnight, UTC, on the cusp of April 20. You can check the conversion to your location here:

Congratulations to The CUBS!

April Challenge: 

Every action has consequences;

your character must atone for them.  

This challenge is closed. Winners: The CUBS!


Registration was required in advance.

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Group Writer Challenge

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The CUBS Group Member Bios:


KB Baltz

KB Baltz was born in a Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea, a month early and sideways. She has been doing things backward ever since. When she isn't writing, KB can be found screaming into the void while working on a Master's in GIS. You can find some of her other work at Atlas and Alice, Pure Slush, and New Feathers.

W M Chan

W M Chan is an emerging writer experimenting with writing in London, UK, where she lives with her partner and their trove of board games. Her flash fiction appears in Fudoki Magazine and poetry in the Trouvaille Review.


CoffeeQuills is a genre-weaver who enjoys writing horror, fantasy, sci-fi, apocalypse, and romance. In addition to being a writer, they are a staff member with 4thewords (an RPG for writers) and a #TwitchWriter who streams a writing channel. Warning: Coffee is a #HurricaneWriter, #DustWarrior, and is #ApocalypticallyOptimistic!

Suchita Senthil Kumar

Suchita Senthil Kumar is an aspiring writer and artist creating chaos. She feels at home while in Bangalore, India and hopes to feel the same in every little corner of the world. She is highly inspired by works resonating vulnerability, resilience and independence. When not writing, she can be found burning pots and blasting cookers. Find more of her on

Peace Merab Nakiyemba

Peace is a passionate writer, but then again many writers should say that. She has been writing as long as she can remember, which is not that long. That she can spend the rest of her life writing or something close to that is in itself a dream. She shares snippets of her life and random thoughts on The Untamed Afterthought on WordPress.

MM Schreier

MM Schreier is a classically trained vocalist who took up writing as therapy for a mid-life crisis. Whether contemporary or speculative fiction, favorite stories are rich in sensory details and weird twists. A firm believer that people are not always exclusively right- or left-brained, in addition to creative pursuits Schreier manages a robotics company and tutors maths and science to at-risk youth.

Submissions information:

Arial or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12pt, black text only

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1" empty margins on all four sides

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Do not use the spacebar for indentations

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Do not include your story title a second time before your entry.

Entries must include the proper Title Information at the start of the document, aligned left. This helps ensure we can distribute your entry to the proper judgement team and that the points you earn go to the correct group:

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Group Writer Challenge

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The Writer's Workout accepts these file types: .doc, .docx, .odt

You may email an accessible Google Docs link to


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