The Inky Deep

Each month, we discuss a different character archetype in our Forum. These discussions help us learn more about that archetype's role in fiction.

The Inky Deep is a prompt-based challenge designed to help you utilize the month's archetype in fiction. While these prompts were designed to create standalone fiction, you can choose to use the same characters each month in a short story series. 

Posting your finished piece in the Forum encourages others to offer feedback so we all learn together how many different ways each archetype can be used. Because this challenge is not judged, there are no word count or title requirements. 

September Challenge: 

The Innocent makes a discovery that proves The Mentor wrong.

Topic archetype: The Innocent

When your entry is ready, post your work in the WW Forum for feedback and support.


Gold! Wally can collect gold to help him on his adventure. Just post your Inky Deep story to the Forum and collect that feedback gold!

2020 Challenges 

If you're like us and you love when things roll together, you're in luck! Each of the 12 Inky Deep challenges this year is designed to work as both a standalone piece AND as part of a larger novella or novel. To help you make the most of your writing adventure in 2020, please find every past Inky Deep challenge below.


January: The Sidekick

The Sidekick is unaware their blind devotion causes problems for the Hero.

February: The Seductress

The Seductress must seduce the Hero but their shared history is an obstacle.

March: The Anti-hero

A child seeks help from the Anti-hero to locate something lost.

April: The Hero

The Hero has the time and ability to save only one of two people in mortal danger.

May: The Mentor or Sage

The Mentor must work overtime to guide the Hero in secret because the Hero insists they do not need help.

June: The Lover

The Lover must compete with the Seductress for the Hero's attention.

July: The Jester

The Jester must help an oblivious Hero but only speaks in puns, limericks, riddles, etc.

August: The Villain

The Villain explains the master plan despite the Hero's constant interruptions.

September: The Innocent

The Innocent makes a discovery that proves The Mentor wrong.

Check the Inky Deep channel in the WW Forum for past creations and share your own work for feedback and support. 

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