The Inky Deep

Each month, we discuss a different character archetype in our Forum. These discussions help us learn more about that archetype's role in fiction.

The Inky Deep is a prompt-based challenge designed to help you utilize the month's archetype in fiction. While these prompts were designed to create standalone fiction, you can choose to use the same characters each month in a shot story series. 

Posting your finished piece in the Forum encourages others to offer feedback so we all learn together how many different ways each archetype can be used. Because this challenge is not judged, there are no word count or title requirements. 

January Challenge: 

The Sidekick is unaware their blind devotion causes problems for the Hero.

Topic archetype: The Sidekick

When your entry is ready, post your work in the WW Forum for feedback and support.


Gold! Wally can collect gold to help him on his adventure. Just post your Inky Deep story to the Forum and collect that feedback gold!