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What is 4TheWords?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Starting the Adventure

So many of us have felt the exhilaration that can come with writing. That thrill of adventure as we explore new worlds, meet new characters, and push forward into uncharted territory. The whole process is fun and exciting… right up until the moment when it isn’t anymore.

As deadlines loom, writer’s block hits, or real life gets complicated, what was once an adventure is suddenly a chore. And the longer that feeling lasts, the harder it gets to continue. How do you get that feeling back?

That's where 4thewords comes in. An entire game world built around you and your writing. Whether you're in the thick of a manuscript or starting out on a whole new adventure, your writing process will become its own form of motivation.

Progression When you first start playing 4thewords, you are a level one character in a fantasy world. You have basic equipment, no idea what's coming next, and a world of possibilities in front of you. As you write, your character will level up right along with your writing projects. Before you know it, you'll have gone from anxious apprentice to seasoned storyteller, and Dust Warrior.

Rewards While there are days where even managing to write anything at all, feels like a reward all on its own. Unfortunately, for so many of us, that isn't always the case. If you need that extra thumbs-up from the universe, 4thewords has you covered. There are always in game quests to complete and monsters to battle, both of which result in exciting in game rewards like crafting items, new weapons, and wardrobe items. So while you'll always have that feeling of accomplishment that comes with adding words to your project, you'll also get a new sword, some wood for building, and new boots to complete your avatar's latest look.

Habit If you're the kind of writer that leans on routine to help you make consistent progress. or who struggles with making writing a regular part of their day, you can try your hand at a 4thewords writing streak. With each consecutive day of writing at least 444 words, you'll make progress towards exclusive in game bonuses, providing even more motivation to keep going and get that book finished. Did we mention we have Streak Wings:

Whether or not you love the classic adventure games that so many of us grew up with, 4thewords is here to add a new level to your writing adventure, introducing you to an entire community of writers and giving you that extra nudge to tell your stories.

We hope you’ll join our writing adventure which is gearing up for our biggest special event of the year, kicking off on November 1st. Join us with a free 30-day trial and get a head start on the festivities. We wish you happy writing and happy hunting!


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