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Write words, win prizes!

The Writing Arcade is a year-long, arcade-style writing event with tickets, exclusive challenges, and prizes. After you register, you can track your progress in writing, reading, editing, and more; complete challenges, defeat bosses, level up, and earn tickets as you grow!

We know you're curious how this wild adventure works. Below, you'll find everything you need regarding How It Works, Achievement Tracker uses, and the Dragon Draw.

Check the Challenges page to understand what's in store with each exclusive challenge, how to defeat each Boss (and Level Up!), badge options in the Forum, and all the other ways you can grow your ticket bank. You can get started on The Puzzle here too.

The 2020 Prize Vault will open soon on a separate page.

Wally Writer

This is Wally Writer; he's a writing adventurer, just like you. Wally is on a mission to write, read, edit, and contribute his way to Arcade victory, but he needs your help! You can find Wally's tools and coins throughout our site to give him everything he needs for his quest. Help him learn more about the direct connection between WW and your writing growth so you can be a better writer.

Join the Writing Arcade:

-Leader Board-

July 29, 2020

Name                  Level   Tickets

Srivalli Rekha ........ 17 ....... 464

Muttley .............. 12 ....... 150

SPerchikoff ........... 4 ........ 62

AndromedaFalls ........ 2 ........ 58

KJWrites .............. 2 ........ 40

NicoleVane ............ 2 ........ 11

steph9289 ............. 2 ......... 9

Stormie Reid .......... 2 ......... 4

Tony Kelly ............ 1 ........ 27

Thar .................. 1 ........ 21

Mia Neishy ............ 1 ........ 19

KaletWulfe ............ 1 ......... 6

Leigh ................. 1 ......... 3

sam177007 ............. 1 ......... 3

If you don't see your name here but your Achievement Tracker Balance Sheet shows you have earned whole tickets, let us know! 

Please note only those who have registered are ranked. 


How It Works

The most important tool you need for the Writing Arcade is the WW Achievement Tracker. You can track your word count, competitions, reading, editing, and Arcade progress. 

To register for the Writing Arcade, Press Start. Registration is open all year.


Once you have your Tracker, fill it with your progress and successes throughout the year and watch your achievements grow! Update your word count for writing projects and your page count for reading and editing projects. We'll update the Leader Board each week so you can see how well your fellow WW community members are doing. 


The Arcade encourages you to participate in Writer's Workout social activities like helping others improve by providing feedback, trying the Weekly Micros on Wednesdays, judging a few of the exclusive Arcade challenges, and submitting your recent success to be featured in our monthly newsletter.

Each time you win a Boss Battle, you Level Up! and advance within the Arcade. Each boss explanation includes the preferred method of contact regarding its defeat so be sure to let us know about this mighty success. You can Level Up! as many times as you want within each month until you dominate the Arcade at Level 25.

Leveling Up is a great way to make your writing progress work harder for you. Every time you Level Up! in the Arcade, you earn tickets faster because you need fewer words per ticket. At Level 1, you'll earn 1 ticket per 2,000 words. By Level 25, you only need 500 words to earn each ticket! You can learn more about how to Level Up! on the Challenges page under Boss Battles.

You earn tickets for everything you do within the Writer's Workout community. For every person you help, you're also helping yourself improve and you're rewarded with tickets! Check out the Challenges page for full details on all the Arcade-related challenges and various ways you can earn tickets.

Depending on your activity, you might receive specific badges in our Forum. These badges celebrate your accomplishments in the Arcade and the WW community so wear them proudly! They're not easy to earn. 

Throughout the year, various prizes* will be available for purchase with the tickets you've earned. These prizes include bookmarks, stickers, travel mugs, notebooks, giveaway entries, gift cards, digital services, WW merchandise, and more. Check the Prize Vault for more information.


*Prizes are donated by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout.


Achievement Tracker:

Your Achievement Tracker is a big place and there's lots of pages to explore. As you'll see on the Challenges page, almost everything we do at The Writer's Workout feeds directly into your Arcade ticket bank. Here's how to take advantage of your Tracker: 

WW Challenges

  • When you create fiction for the Weekly Micro and Inky Deep challenges, enter your information into the Tracker. Your word count is a great way to add tickets to your bank while exploring new ideas and genres.

  • Post your fiction in our Forum whenever you want. There's always someone around to offer helpful feedback so you can learn more about what readers love. Click that checkbox when you've posted to mark your piece Finished and Published. Posting to the Forum earns tickets too!

  • Space is available in your Tracker for competitions and challenges created by your fellow WW members. When someone is ready to present a challenge to the community, you'll find it on the WW Challenges page of your Tracker as well as on our social media. You'll earn tickets for entry and your word count. If you win, we'll publish your winning entry on this site!

    • Feel up to creating a WW Competition of your own? Head to the Arcade Challenges page for details on how you can Beat this Boss and Level Up!​

WW Arcade

  • When you help other writers, everyone benefits. Your WW Arcade page includes space to record the number of people you help by providing feedback on their writing, posted on Facebook and in our Forum.

  • As an Arcader, you have access to exclusive challenges that only appear in your Tracker. You can submit an entry or volunteer to judge. More information on each exclusive challenge is available on the Arcade Challenges page. 

  • Your Bank Ledger and Boss Battle information is on the right side of the WW Arcade page of your Tracker. These areas show your current Ticket balance, prizes you've purchased, your current Arcade level, and which bosses you've defeated.

  • You'll also find your progress on The Puzzle.


Reading, Writing, and Editing are great ways to grow your Ticket Bank and make tangible progress at the same time. Your word count earns tickets based on your level and achieving milestones will help you beat the Milestone Master Boss. So keep track of your successes and let the Tracker inspire you to push yourself and achieve even more. 


Dragon Draw

Dragon Draw is a giveaway by random drawing. The Dragon Draw might occur at any time and when it does, anyone who meets the minimum requirements by the deadline is automatically entered. Requirements may include a specific Arcade level, a volume of Weekly Micro postings, specific number of pages read, or something else entirely. Find out when the Dragon Draw is coming on our calendar. The specific requirements will be included in the monthly newsletter and will change (along with the prize!) each time.


Join the Writing Arcade:

The Fine Print:

The Achievement Tracker is required for The Writing Arcade.

The Writing Arcade is a FREE add-on to your Achievement Tracker. Writing Arcade and all subsequent content is copyright The Writer's Workout, 2020.

Registration is open all year.

Accumulate your tickets to purchase prizes. Prizes are limited quantity and first come, first served. Prizes are subject to availability and subject to change throughout the year without warning or notice. Prizes are paid for by the Co-Founders of The Writer's Workout. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Writer's Workout cannot provide prizes to Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea, due to US Government restrictions.

Dragon Draw is open to Writing Arcade participants who meet the minimum qualifications for that prize as specified. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Wally Writer and his tools were designed and developed by Jessie Fisher and owned by The Writer's Workout.

Tickets cannot be applied retroactively and do not transfer. Tickets have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for monetary equivalent. Tickets may be redeemed by emailing Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net.

Your information will not be retained, sold, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part by The Writer's Workout or affiliates thereof.

Entries to Arcade-Exclusive competitions are considered "submissions" for the purposes of outside organizations. The Writer's Workout retains the right to first refusal. 


Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Theresa at Theresa.Green@writersworkout.net

© 2014-2020 The Writer's Workout 

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