November: Creator

November 1 - Inky Deep

November 1 - NaNoWriMo Begins

November 30 - NaNoWriMo Ends

December: ...relax...

December 1 - Inky Deep

December 15 - WayWords iss. 1 Deadline

December 25 - Q1 launch: find details of all our new features!

Plus open registration

January: Editing

January 1 - WayWords iss. 2 opens

January 1 - Picture Prompt in Forum

January 1 - LAUNCH DAY: Writing Arcade, Achievement Tracker, and so much more!

January - WayWords iss 1 publication


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Upcoming Events are in addition to the weekly social media schedule: Tuesday Tips, Weekly Micro Wednesday, Blog Post Thursday.

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Wally's embarking on a brand new adventure in 2021! Stay tuned for details on this massive update. You can register for the new version starting December 25.

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