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Each series is thirty prompts long so if you're thinking of trying NaNoWriMo or Camp but you're at a loss for ideas, check this out!

Each series has thirty connected prompts so you can create a story in any genre you want. Complete one prompt per day and rearrange your scenes to form a complete novella in one month!

Series 1  //  Series 2  //  Series 3

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This page is open to any writer, anywhere. Anyone may use these prompts for their own purposes. 

Please credit The Writer's Workout if one of our prompts inspired a piece you publish. 

Better Writer subscribers may submit their creations as their monthly feedback option.

We will update this page as often as possible. 

Good luck, writer!

Series 1

This series includes three major characters (A, B, and C) and two minor characters (D and E).

This series was created in part by the 2019 Fall Internship program.

  • B and C are invited to a party

  • C convinces B to come with them to a dangerous location while A follows unseen 

  • B accidentally discovers C’s biggest fear in public 

  • C asks A for a big favor, but A is on the fence about whether to help 

  • B isn’t feeling well but is afraid of wrecking everyone’s good time

  • Minor character D steals something important to A. B and C try to help get it back

  • B goes missing. A and C are worried about them 

  • Surprise! A’s family is in town


  • D asks C to betray A and B


  • B finds themselves in a sticky situation. A helps them out

  • A tries to comfort C after a terrible loss

  • B and C find A’s stolen item, but it’s not the same

  • D strikes up a friendship with A’s family

  • C is waiting anxiously for news

  • A and B have an argument when suddenly the power goes out

  • B has to make a difficult choice concerning C

  • A goes to C for advice about their family

  • B learns something crucial about D

  • C has to face their fear; B tries to help

  • B and C try to give A the replacement to their stolen item

  • B pursues D to a location and unexpectedly runs into C

  • C gets an idea on how to help A

  • A confronts D during a family gathering

  • C convinces B to do something fun

  • B confronts an old enemy

  • A discovers a dark family secret

  • C and D have a tense standoff

  • A and C get an idea that’s reckless, but just might work

  • B is faced with a crucial choice; A and C try to help

  • A, B, and C take some time to unwind

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If you publish what you created, please credit The Writer's Workout.

Series 1

Series 2

This series includes three major characters (A, B, and C) and five minor characters (D, E, and others).

  • Introduce a character (A) with a massive secret, who is currently away from home

  • Introduce two new characters (B, C) who currently or will eventually work as a team, in a setting where they feel very comfortable

  • A has returned home and someone is waiting for B and C

  • Write a scene with a great triumph

  • Two characters are eating a meal and someone made a very big mess. Can be any combination of A, B, C

  • Two characters seek the advice of a specialist. Can be any combination of A, B, C. Can seek specialists separately

  • Finally, a moment to relax. What do/does your character(s) do to unwind? Can be any combination of A, B, C

  • Introduce a minor character who is socially awkward or has trouble communicating socially (D)

  • An explosion occurs

  • A’s secret is revealed. Who broke the news and how are the other characters adapting?

  • An item belonging to C was swapped with a visually similar item belonging to A

  • Write a scene with a pursuit

  • B left something behind

  • D interrupts an intense conversation between B and C

  • Introduce a character with a debilitating physical ailment E. This character has a conversation with A

  • Introduce a child

  • A and B are secretly in cahoots. Write a scene where they discuss their plan

  • C meets E. E knows things about A but refuses to share information

  • Write a scene with a surprise love interest

  • E bought something expensive and gave it away as a gift

  • B and C work together on a problem involving A. The specialist (see prompt #6) has new information. B and C do not succeed

  • E and the specialist work together against B. Write their secret meeting

  • The child knows A's secret

  • A is falsely accused of B's death

  • D helps C fix an issue initiated by A. E is secretly watching

  • C and A come face to face. They have something very important (to both of them) in common

  • B dies

  • E and A work together against C

  • D receives terrible news

  • C succeeds in solving the puzzle/issue surrounding A. E makes a clean break

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If you publish what you created, please credit The Writer's Workout.

Series 2
Series 3

Series 3

This series includes four major characters (A, B, C, and D).

  • (A) faces their biggest fear

  • (B) steps in to help a stranger: (D)

  • (C) catches A taking something that belongs to B

  • A tries to frame C for the theft

  • D helps C to prove their innocence

  • D bumps into A; it is not a happy reunion

  • B falls ill and is bedridden (character will recover)

  • A must face consequences for theft

  • B recovers

  • C experiences a triumph

  • D's reputation falls

  • B must solve a puzzle while ill and bedridden

  • D splurges on something they don't need

  • A's childhood friend dies

  • C forgives A

  • D and B develop a close relationship

  • A and B take a trip together

  • D is unprepared for an important meeting

  • B teaches D a new skill

  • A and B run into C in an unexpected place

  • A attends the same important meeting as D

  • C convinces D to play a game

  • C does something that scares them

  • B runs into a long-lost relative who was assumed dead

  • A makes a friend who has nefarious intentions

  • C tries to help D improve reputation but makes things worse

  • A and D get stuck in close quarters

  • C helps B with a remedial task

  • D investigates an anonymous tip

  • A does something nice for B

Did you complete this series? Let us know on social media!

If you publish what you created, please credit The Writer's Workout.

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