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Tips & Hints for Gamers
  • There are no bonus points awarded for "first received". Each Event lasts 72 hours, so take your time and make sure your entry says what you want it to, the way you want it to. Put your best work forward in the time allowed.

  • All submissions should be publication ready so be sure to edit and proofread before you submit.

  • Pay close attention to your Title Information. Missing, misplaced, or incorrect Title Information will result in entry disqualification. If you read the FAQ and the Rules but still don't have an answer to your question, ask! The judges are available in the Forum to help you succeed.

  • Try every Event. The more Events you enter, the more feedback you receive AND the higher your Overall Score. The highest Overall Score wins!

  • Unreasonable demands will be met with the Wrath of Righting.

  • Be respectful of your fellow participants. Remember, there are all ages and cultures here.


Writer's Games Events List

The following Events may or may not appear during the Games. The judges determine which Events will take place in advance; this is a list of potential Events and general definitions. The Event announcement takes precedence; the definitions here are a guide for further explanation. Keep in mind, we're constantly updating this list. Find out when it was last updated at the top of this page. 


Life stays interesting as long as you keep learning. For this Event, your character, aged 60+, finds a new hobby.

Core Concepts: dialogue, pacing



New Event!

People say good things come to those who wait. For this Event, the anticipation results in a letdown.

Core Concepts: backstory, perspective



There are so many morphing creatures out there that sometimes our characters forget about the perils of being human. For this Event, the ability to shapeshift does not exist and all your characters are human. 

Core Concepts: pacing, plot


Festivals are full of new sights, sounds, and experiences that can bring out both the best and worst in human nature. For this Event, your characters explore a festival of some kind.

Core Concepts: description, plot



An unfamiliar place can feel like adventure as the experience overwhelms your senses and twists your understanding of language. For this Event, your character explores a location they've never been.

Core Concepts: dialogue, description



New Event!

Though obstacles come in many shapes and sizes, life can be easier when we work together. For this Event, a group of characters works together to survive a difficult situation.

Core Concepts: character development, planning



A child's imagination is a powerful tool. For this Event, access your inner child and write a story for children that targets the specified age group.

Core Concepts: tropes, voice



New Event!

60 is the new 40 and retirement dodgers seek new ways to be forever young. For this Event, your character completely reinvents themselves in their third stage of life.

Core Concepts: character development, perspective


Everything comes from somewhere. For this Event, your character’s or world’s origin story is the primary focus.

Core Concepts: backstory, cohesion



Dialogue does more than express conversation: it helps show the characters' personalities without telling the reader who they are. For this Event, tell an entire story using only dialogue.

Core Concepts: dialogue, pacing



Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to reveal the horrors of ordinary life. For this Event, your character is scared of an object everyone else finds ordinary.

Core Concepts: pacing, perspective



Life is all about options. For this Event, your character goes through at least one real door that will change their life.

Core Concepts: character development, planning



Decorations, special attire, and grand feasts are the hallmarks of many well-celebrated holidays. For this Event, your character(s) creates a fake holiday and convinces others to celebrate as if it’s real.

Core Concepts: cohesion, description



Memoirs tell the true story of someone's life through narrative. For this Event, your character lied in their memoir.

Core Concepts: backstory, voice



Every character is afraid of something, but if they always run away they will never grow. For this Event, write a story in which your character's true personality is revealed as they face what scares them the most.

Core Concepts: backstory, character development



Taste brings back memories and reminds us of our past. For this Event, the sense of taste impacts your character in remarkable ways.

Core Concepts: cohesion, planning



Game shows reward people for feats of strength, ingenuity, or knowledge with monetary gain and notoriety. For this Event, your characters must compete and the reward for stupidity is death.  

Core Concepts: cohesion, dialogue



New Event!

Life is an adventure with worlds to explore and you never know what you’ll find! For this Event, your character leaves their hometown for the first time ever.

Core Concepts: description; show, don’t tell


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. For this Event, an unassuming object is worth its weight in gold.

Core Concepts: perspective; show, don’t tell



Whether it’s a doppelganger, name twin, or someone’s just plain confused, mistaken identities happen all the time. For this Event, your character is not who everyone thinks they are.

Core Concepts: tropes, voice



Some of the best stories revolve around people you’ve never met. For this Event, your story revolves around a character who never actually appears. 

Core Concepts: planning; show, don’t tell


New Event!

Life gave us lemons and now citrus is taking over the world. For this Event, unlikely heroes step up to save humanity from something so ridiculously over the top, all you can do is laugh.

Core Concepts: backstory, tropes


"First contact" with alien life is arguably one of the biggest and most widely anticipated events in academic society. For this Event, tell a fictional story of the first contact with aliens from another world.

Core Concepts: show, don't tell; tropes


Just because everyone survives doesn't mean it's a happy story. For this Event, tell a tragic story where no one dies.

Core Concepts: foreshadowing, point of view


Who knew that bumping into a stranger at your favorite coffee shop could turn out like this? For this Event, your romantic characters meet in an adorable way.

(formerly: Destiny Rules)

Core Concepts: dialogue, foreshadowing


History is distilled into distinct dates that can hold a great personal or societal meaning. Often when people live through something, they don’t realize its importance until after the fact. For this Event, select a decade and country from the list provided and write a historical fiction story.

Core Concepts: foreshadowing, plot


New Event!

Oral tradition tells us death is only the beginning. For this Event, your main character was but is no longer alive. 

Core Concepts: backstory, cohesion


We navigate the world through our senses. For this Event, a character has lost one or more of their senses and must rely on the descriptions of others to navigate their new world.

Core Concepts: dialogue; show, don’t tell


Sometimes the most powerful words are the ones not said. For this Event, write a complete story with no dialogue.

Core Concepts: description, plot


Mysteries plague life for everyone: who killed Jim, who ate the last cookie? For this Event, write a mystery that is solved by the end.

Core Concepts: foreshadowing, planning



Making an important decision under pressure often reveals a person’s true character. For this Event, your character(s) must meet a pressing time constraint.

Core Concepts: character development, pacing



Lightning never strikes the same place twice. For this Event, your character gets an important second chance. 

Core Concepts: character development, plot



New Event!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. For this Event, your character experienced the historical founding of an important real location. 

Core Concepts: cohesion, voice



New Event!

Rumors and theories of long lost civilizations and cryptids waiting to be photographed exist the world over. For this Event, your character comes face to face with the impossible.

Core Concepts: foreshadowing, tropes



Worlds are silent characters in the stories we tell; they inform, describe, and bring to life the environment your characters call home. For this Event, tell a story in which the setting is the main character.

Core Concepts: description, voice

Writer's Games Prizes

Prizes for the 2021 Writer's Games are donated by the co-founders of The Writer's Workout and the judges.

Overall: Each of the top three winners overall receive a physical copy of the anthology for the Portion of their success.

Event: Each of the top five winners per Event are published in the Portion's anthology volume of 72 Hours of Insanity. 

Submissions: Each entry submitted by a registered participant before the deadline receives critique from multiple judges, regardless of qualifying or placement status. 

The Writer's Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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