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The Writer's Games is a free competition designed to help each individual writer improve his or her craft at an accelerated rate. ​Every accepted entry receives honest, unbiased feedback from multiple sources. This is not an elimination challenge so every registered participant is eligible to win every Event regardless of past performance.

To meet federal licensing regulations, we cannot accept religious or political entries. By request from the judges, entries containing erotica or pandemic fiction will not be judged.

Judges are available in our Forum to answer your questions. 

Find submissions and formatting information below.

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2021, Portion 1

Individuals listed below will be featured in our anthology,

72 Hours of Insanity.

Event 1: We Built This City

4th Place: EJ Howler & Arden Ruth

3rd Place: Jayne Hunter

2nd Place: Lisa Fox

1st Place: John Adams

Event 2: Every Villain's Story

5th Place: Ej Sidle

3rd Place: Calen Bender and EJ Howler

2nd Place: Bridget Haug

1st Place: Sean Fallon

Event 3: What Was That?

5th Place: MM Schreier

3rd Place: Maria L. Berg and Jason Ryder

2nd Place: M. Ong

1st Place: Fiona Donaldson

Event 4: Fatal Flaw

5th Place: Kate MacGuire

4th Place: Amber Felt

3rd Place: Rodaina Yasser

2nd Place: S.E. Reed

1st Place: Sarah Connell

Event 5: It's a Disaster!

5th Place: Kate MacGuire and Charlie Rogers

4th Place: Teague LaBrosse

3rd Place: Ella Moon

2nd Place: Allison Rott

1st Place: MM Schreier

Writer's Games, 2021

Did you receive exceptional feedback?

Our judges are in competition to see who can create the most beneficial feedback throughout this portion. If the feedback on your piece is truly helpful, let us know through this survey

Overall Winners, 2021

10th Place, Bridget Haug

9th Place, Ella Moon

8th Place, Toni Risson

7th Place, K.M. Shapiro

6th Place, Sarah Connell

5th Place, Fiona Donaldson

4th Place, Lisa Fox

3rd Place, JB Hansen

2nd Place, Teague LaBrosse

1st Place, MM Schreier

Dropbox: add a file

To meet federal licensing regulations, 

we cannot accept religious or political entries.

By request from the judges, entries containing erotica or pandemic fiction will not be judged.

Unsolicited entries are not accepted. Click here for how it works.

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Submissions & Formatting

Entries must meet the following general formatting requirements:

Arial or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12pt, black text only.

Single spaced

1" empty margins on all four sides

0.5" (12.7mm) or Tab indentations for all paragraphs

Do not use the spacebar for indentations.

Blank line for scene breaks

Do not include a secondary title of your entry.


Entries must include the proper Title Information at the start of the document, aligned left:


Title of Entry

Event Name (this appears in all caps during the announcement)

Word Count


Entries not meeting the general formatting requirements lose points during judgement. Entries not including Title Information in the order listed above are disqualified.

These file types are accepted: .doc, .docx, .odt

Google Docs links must be set to "anyone with link can edit". Copy the link provided and paste it into an email. Do not attempt to add WW as an editor (Google permissions do not allow access through this method).


Email entries to submissions@writersworkout.net

OR use our DropBox by clicking "Add a file" above.

Judges are available in the Forum to help you.

Overall Winners, 2020

Portion 1

10th Place, Sean Fallon

9th Place, Chrissie Rohrman

8th Place, K.M. Shapiro

7th Place, Pamela Hellig

6th Place, Lauren Sibley

5th Place, Amber Felt

4th Place, Harvey Brown

3rd Place, Madeleine Pelletier

2nd Place, Lisa Fox

1st Place, Haley M. Hwang

Portion 2

10th Place, Andrea Goyan

9th Place, Sarah Perchikoff

8th Place, Lisa Fox

7th Place, Renée Boyer

6th Place, Ella Moon

5th Place, Emily Roth

4th Place, Chrissie Rohrman

3rd Place, CE Snow

2nd Place, Ej Sidle

1st Place, R.A. Clarke

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nonprofit organization.


The Writer's Games is a global competition so all genres, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome. May the words flow to your victory.

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The Writer's Games (originally dubbed the NaNoGames) were the brainchild of Heather Glomb. The first Games took place in May, 2014, and set out to encourage creative writing. When they finished, the writers wanted more, and this group was born.

Neither The Writer's Workout nor the Writer's Games is affiliated with NaNoWriMo or its parent company, The Office of Letters and Light (OLL). All profits from the sale of Writer's Games volumes is donated to OLL with permission from registered participants.