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This quarterly literary journal welcomes work from writers around the world in all stages of their writing career. Each issue includes a separate space for writers to share tributes in creative nonfiction.  

If you have a tribute essay, open letter, or other CNF piece, send it in! Let us help you honor that subject. 

Please try to refrain from sending us abuse and suicide topics.

Recovery pieces are welcome!



We accept tributes all year!

Tributes are separate from the theme; they can be for, to, or about anything you want. We've published odes, open letters, personal essays, recipe stories and other creative nonfiction styles in this section since WayWords opened in 2020.




Submissions must be in English and include the required Title Information (below)


5,000 words of fiction

two poems 


Keep formatting professional, please: readable font, empty lines for scene breaks, empty margins, etc. You can find recommended settings on the Submissions page.


Title Information

Please add the following to the top left of your document body (not in the header margin):

Name or Pseudonym, email

Piece Title 


Word or Line Count

If your submission was previously published, please credit your publisher below your word/line count.



Accepted file types: .doc, .docx, .odt

Submissions accepted via email (submissions [at] OR Dropbox OR Duosuma.

Live, unlocked Google Docs or Microsoft Word links are accepted via email.

We must be able to download your file. We will not request access and we are not responsible for locked docs.



Please be sure your Title Information includes the word "Tribute" on the third line.

If using Duosuma, please use the special TRIBUTE call.


The Writer's Workout will not review fanfiction, religious, political, erotic, or AI-generated content.


​The Writer's Workout requests one-time, non-exclusive serial rights with worldwide distribution.

We accept simultaneous submissions, previously published works, and you retain the right to submit your work elsewhere after we publish it. 

If you need to withdraw, please let us know.

This literary journal is published in digital and print. Contributors receive a digital contributor copy. The Writer's Workout is a registered nonprofit organization run by volunteers.

​ ​


YES, we nominate!

Pushcart, Best of the Net, and others

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Since 2020

Issue Info

Check the status of recent, current, and upcoming issues.


Issue 14: Mythology


This issue is available in two parts in digital and print. See below for links.


theme mythology.png

Issue 15: Nostalgia


April 1 - May 20


theme_ nostalgia.png

Issue 16: Flash Fiction

coming soon

July 1 - August 20


flash fiction issue.png

Issue 17: Kindness

coming soon

October 1 - November 20


theme kindness.png

Issue 18: Kids Write!

coming soon

January 1 -

February 20

Must be under 18 to submit


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Recently published:
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Issue 14: mythology

In two parts, this issue features the collected works of S.M. Anvuur, Nancy Beauregard, Chris Bullard, Carol Casey, Roger Chapman, Seth Cupery, Andrea Dorn, Gene Fendt, Karen Frederick, Joseph Geskey, V.J. Hamilton, Maura H. Harrison, Amanda Hiland, Pooja Joshi, James Kangas, Val Kelner, Stephen Kingsnorth, Deborah L Klein, Victoria Rose Lane, Simon MacCulloch, Craig Matsu-Pissot, Noah Anthony Mezzacappa, Stephen.R.Minnich, Rina Palumbo, Louhi Pohjola, Debra Reeves, Janet Sassi, Skye Rozario Steinhagen, Paul Whelan, Renee Williams, and Wilda Morris

Stats and Info:

Published 290+ pieces & counting!

On average, WayWords publishes 44% of submissions received. This journal rarely solicits specific authors for work; everything we publish comes from open calls.

​Submission to WayWords will always be free. WayWords is published in digital and print; contributors receive a digital contributor copy. Learn how to claim your authorship on Amazon here.

Check our FAQ for more information.




WayWords is published in digital and print.

Contributors receive a digital contributor copy.

The Writer's Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit run entirely by volunteers.

Your submission is a charitable donation; we appreciate your support!

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