Our Pandemic

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These last couple years have been rough. We've survived quarantines, mandates, and constantly changing data. We've been sick, struggled with long-term effects, watched friends and relatives suffer, and we made it through. This anthology is the story of our pandemic. 

We created this anthology to help you share your pandemic experience in creative nonfiction. All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to Direct Relief, an organization providing medical supplies around the world. Please visit their website to learn more about the amazing work they do. 

All writers are welcome to submit creative nonfiction to this publication before July 31. All published works will be selected through open call.

This publication will be available in digital and print.


During the open call period, links to accepted submissions methods are included below. The Writer's Workout accepts submissions via email, dropbox, and Duosuma. 

Open call!

Direct Relief

Their Mission: 
"Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay."



The Writer's Workout is not associated with Direct Relief.

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Our Pandemic

For 24 months, we've been staying indoors, keeping our distance, and disinfecting everything. We've done everything we could to protect ourselves and the ones we love. The good news is, we're still here. 

Tell us your experience of life during the pandemic*:

Creative Nonfiction up to 7,500 words

Optional: Include a picture as a separate file


All the royalties from this anthology will be donated to Direct Relief. Learn more about this organization and why we chose it here.

Submissions & Formatting

Entries must meet the following general formatting requirements:

Arial or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12pt, black text only

Single spaced

No extra spaces between lines or paragraphs except for scene breaks.

1" empty margins on all four sides

0.5" (12.7mm) or Tab indentations for all paragraphs

Do not use the spacebar for indentations

Empty line for scene breaks

Do not include your title a second time before your entry.

Tip: Keep things simple!

The Writer's Workout uses single-spaced industry standard formatting; it's designed to let the work shine without extra flourishes and unnecessary efforts. You can find great examples of industry standard formatting in a traditionally published book.


Title Information

Entries must include the proper Title Information at the start of the document, aligned left:

Name and email

Title of Entry

Our Pandemic

Word Count


Entries not meeting the general formatting requirements will not be considered. Entries not including Title Information in the order listed above will not be considered. Entries must be in English. 

The Writer's Workout accepts these file types: .doc, .docx, .odt


Email entries to submissions@writersworkout.net OR use our DropBox or Duosuma buttons below.

*Due to federal licensing guidelines, The Writer's Workout will reject religious, political, or erotic topics.


The Writer's Workout will accept previously published creative nonfiction for this anthology. We do not require the right to first refusal so if your creative nonfiction piece was declined elsewhere, we'd love to see it! If accepted, your piece will be published in this anthology. The Writer's Workout will not retain publication rights for future anthologies or compilations so once this anthology is live, you're welcome to send your published piece elsewhere. Keep in mind many places will not accept previously published works. 

If your submission was previously published elsewhere, please tell us on the line below your word count in your Title Information.

If you submit a piece elsewhere that we've published in Our Pandemic, be sure to let them know.

The Writer's Workout is not associated with Direct Relief.

Proceeds from the sale of Our Pandemic benefit Direct Relief, a global nonprofit providing medical supplies and services around the world. Please visit their website for more information. 

Your submission to this anthology is a donation. The Writer's Workout appreciates your time, generosity, and talent.