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Are you looking for a fun, creative way to earn course credit for college? Are you a recent graduate looking for industry experience? The Writer's Workout provides a comprehensive summer internship program to give you a taste of what it's like to work with creative writers in the publishing industry as well as working for a volunteer organization.

This program is available to adults around the world. We work with colleges to make sure students receive credit for their effort, though enrollment is not required.

Former and Deferred Interns: if you're ready to come back, please email Theresa.

Questions may be directed to Theresa:

Origin Story: 

The Writer's Workout formed in 2014 through a love of competition and self-growth. We provide education, resources, constructive feedback, and motivation to help writers around the world improve and become published authors. 

We want to help you be a better writer.

Application process: WW requires a creative writing sample and current resume to apply. No other forms or accounts are required. Your creative writing sample should be a complete work of short fiction and show an understanding of the key elements of fiction writing. 

Nonfiction and poetry samples are not accepted.

Interview process: WW uses a text-only, virtual interview process through Slack. This live chat helps us determine your ability to express yourself clearly in writing.

WW does not use any audio or video interaction for any purpose. 

If invited to interview, we'll send you a link to your private window 15-20 minutes before our scheduled time. Slack can be accessed as a guest through this link—simply enter your name and your school to join for free.

The Writer's Workout is a fully remote, 100% volunteer organization. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Documentation available upon request.

The Writer's Workout cannot support high school applicants or minors. 



Summer Internship

  Closed until 2024

​Who we are: 

            The Writer's Workout formed from a love of competition and encouragement. We are writers of different backgrounds, ideas, influences, and skill levels. From authors published several times over, to poets featured in anthologies, to new writers just starting out, we have one important thing in common: a love of the written word.  

            ​Every writer approaches writing differently so we focus on the foundations of writing to help each creative improve at their own pace. Our motivation, challenges, and feedback help you become a better writer.

            The Writer’s Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


With training, this position judges our award-winning writing competition, The Writer’s Games. Please visit our website for competition details and rules before applying. 

Our working week is Tuesday-Saturday with weekly discussions on Fridays.

Interns primarily report to our Executive Director, Theresa Green. The four-week training period is through our website: interns receive access to a training page with information, instruction, and an activity at the start of each week and a deadline for the end of the week. After the training period, interns spend six weeks assisting in the review and critique of short stories from writers around the world. In the final three weeks, interns investigate two departments of their choice (find "Special Project" information below).

Interns meet in small groups throughout the week with 24/7 access via email and direct message to our Executive Director and other department heads throughout the program. We have a weekly discussion every Friday with deadlines on Saturdays.
Throughout the program, interns rotate in small groups and offer peer review to their group's leader. All peer reviews are distributed privately and anonymously; they also include notes on leadership, efficacy, and general teamwork from our staff and Director. Each intern also receives notes on all submissions with suggestions for stronger wording.



What you'll do:​

  • Read around 15 short stories in multiple genres each week (for six weeks) from authors of all skill levels.

  • Critique each entry to encourage and educate authors. 

  • Work with the team to determine entry qualification.

  • Score each entry on a scale of 10.

  • Create a communications project about a writing topic. Media selection available.

  • Complete two Special Projects of your choice.

  • Attend weekly discussions on Fridays.

Each intern chooses Special Projects in two departments:

  • Blog: create blog posts on educational topics of your choice.

  • Editorial: edit the winning entries.

  • Marketing: research and development for affiliations and partnerships with other organizations. 

  • Social Media: develop a marketing plan for the competition’s publication OR develop and present a workshop about a writing aspect.

  • YouTube: research topics, write scripts, and assist in the production of non-monetized educational videos.

Our program's start date is not flexible but the hours and end date can be extended to suit your school’s requirements. We will work with you and your school to ensure that you receive credit for your work.



The Summer Internship is CLOSED until 2024.

This competitive internship requires an average of ten hours per week for thirteen weeks and runs TBD, 2024. This internship is unpaid. Thirty spaces available.

Applications must include a current resume and one creative writing sample.  We're looking for an understanding of the key elements of fiction. Samples should be complete (not chapters of longer works) and can be as short as 500 words. 

Nonfiction and poetry samples are not accepted.


Please email Theresa at with questions.

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