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Our comprehensive, 16(ish)-week internship program is open to adults worldwide looking to gain experience in the publishing industry. Work with creative writers around the world, read and critique short stories and poems, and find fulfillment in helping others.


You don't have to be enrolled in a college or university program but you must be over 18. Course credit is available by request. 

This program passes all seven points on the Department of Labor's test for an unpaid internship. Our entire organization is volunteer.


We welcome former and deferred interns, just email Theresa.


Questions may be directed to Theresa.


Origin Story: 

The Writer's Workout formed in 2014 through a love of competition and self-growth. We provide accessible education, resources, and publication opportunities to help writers around the world improve their craft. 


We can help you be a better writer.


Application process: WW requires a creative writing sample and current resume to apply. We will not read cover or reference letters, will not click portfolio links, and definitely do not want to see your picture. We're sure it's lovely but all of these distract from our main focus: the quality of your writing.

Tips for your sample:

  • focus on the key elements of strong fiction. We call these Core Concepts on the Tips & Events page.

  • keep it short-ish. I don't have time to read your novel or provide a critique (sorry).

  • include your email address so I can contact you.

  • include your name in the file name for both your sample and resume to help me stay organized.

  • .doc/x, .odt, .pdf accepted.

  • nonfiction and poetry samples are not accepted


Interview process: WW uses a text-only, virtual interview process through Slack. This live chat helps us further determine your ability to express yourself clearly in writing and shows us who you are as a person.

WW does not support the use of audio or video interaction for any purpose. 


If invited to interview, we'll connect on our Slack before our scheduled day/time. The invite comes directly from Slack. 

If you're having trouble accessing Slack or want to switch to Google Chat, please reach out so we can adjust.



The Writer's Workout is a fully remote, 100% volunteer organization. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Documentation available upon request.



The Writer's Workout cannot support high school applicants or minors. 





May 7 - August 17, 2024

  CLOSED for 2024



About The Writer's Workout: 

The Writer's Workout formed from a love of competition and encouragement. We are writers of different backgrounds, ideas, influences, and skill levels. From bestselling authors published several times over, to poets featured in anthologies, to new writers just starting out, we have one important thing in common: a love of the written word.  


​We focus on the foundations of writing and accessibility to help each writer improve. Our motivation, challenges, and feedback help you become a better writer.


The Writer’s Workout is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers.



About this role:

This position is reading- and thinking-intensive. You are expected to support your opinion and respectfully participate in open discussion with your peers. With training, you will judge our award-winning writing competition, The Writer's Games, and critique entries. Please review the competition details before applying. 

Our working week is Tuesday-Saturday with weekly discussions on Fridays throughout. This is a fully remote position.


Interns report to our Executive Director, Theresa Green. The training period is six weeks and available through our website; interns can access a training section with an individual activity due at the end of each week. After the training period, interns spend six weeks assisting in the review and critique of short stories from writers around the world. In the final three weeks, interns complete two projects (information below).


Interns are assigned to rotating small groups each week for peer support and will lead a group at least twice. Interns provide and receive anonymous peer reviews as well as notes from staff and supervisor on leadership, efficacy, and general teamwork. Interns will receive notes and time to revise for all individual activity submissions. Our Executive Director is available seven days a week for the entire program. Weekly discussions are every Friday with deadlines on Saturdays.


What you'll do:​

  • Read around 15 short stories in multiple genres each week for six consecutive weeks. Stories come from authors of all skill levels around the world.

  • Critique every entry to encourage and educate writers. 

  • Work with the team to determine entry qualification.

  • Score each entry on a scale of 10.

  • Create a communications project about a writing topic. Media selection available.

  • Complete two additional projects of your choice, including blogging, editing, education, or other.

  • Attend weekly discussions on Fridays.



Our fully remote program will start on May 7; the end date can be extended as needed. Most interns average nine hours per week; we can extend hours to suit school requirements for credit. Set your own schedule except for weekly Friday discussions.




The Summer Internship is CLOSED to applications for 2024. 

This competitive internship averages ten hours per week for fifteen weeks and runs May 7 - August 17, 2024. This internship is unpaid


Applications must include a current resume and one creative writing sample. Samples should include an email address and show an understanding of the key elements of fiction in a complete short story. 

Nonfiction and poetry samples are not accepted.



Please email Theresa with questions.



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