The Writer's Workout produces three anthologies annually: one for each portion of The Writer's Games as volumes of 72 Hours of Insanity and a themed anthology with an open call.


For the second anthology, the theme, word count guidelines, and structure for this anthology vary. Anyone may submit work to this anthology provided it meets the theme and length guidelines and is within the anthology deadline.

You can find more information on the series of Writer's Games anthologies here

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Open Call!


Season, noun. The four divisions of the year marked by distinct weather patterns.


Wally needs his sword to defeat the anthology Boss: any piece accepted for publication in an anthology will slash through this Boss Battle.

Rhythms of Nature

We're inviting writers of all sorts to submit poetry to this season-themed anthology. Each piece should revolve around one of the four seasons and celebrate the rhythms of nature. 

Submissions for Rhythms of Nature must be under 5,000 words in any style of poetry and feature one of the four seasons.

Submissions must include industry standard formatting: Times New Roman or Arial font, size 10 or 12, with black text and 1" margin on all sides. Poems must be single-spaced and include the following in the body of the document, aligned top left: 

Author Name


Word Count

Accepted File Types: Submissions will be accepted in .doc, .docx, and .odt. 

Submissions will be accepted by attachment only at 

Payment: This anthology will pay $25-$35 per accepted piece up to 25 pieces. One submission will be accepted per author.

Submissions not following this guide will be rejected. 


Deadline: This anthology is open to submissions until Sept 1, 2020. 

Proceeds from the sale of Rhythms of Nature will benefit The Writer's Workout, providing prizing and the means to produce competitions, workshops, and other group activities. 

Now Available:

Tales from the Cliff

A story doesn’t always have to end with a character completing their journey. Often, a story can end with suspense and uncertainty. 

Cliffhangers, love them or hate them, are a huge part of literary tradition. Usually, there's a resolution in the sequel, but what if there isn't? Take a look inside and find out what happens when a finished tale ends in cliffhanger!

Proceeds from the sale of Tales from the Cliff  benefit The Writer's Workout, providing prizing and the means to produce competitions, workshops, and other group activities. Your purchase of this anthology is a donation to help writers of all genres around the world. The Writer's Workout appreciates your time, generosity, and talent.