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This quarterly literary journal welcomes work from writers around the world in all stages of their writing career. Each issue invites writers to explore a different theme. 

We want to see fresh, inspiring pieces; give us chills, fill us with awe. Show us all sides, your home is here.

Please try to refrain from sending us abuse and suicide topics.

Recovery pieces are welcome!


Jessica Morris-Reade, Réven Widener, & Seth Cupery


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Issue 11, theme of seasons:

This issue features the collected works of Jonathan Chibuike Ukah, Seth Cupery, James Gallant, Victoria Garton, Spyros Koroniotis, Tom Lagasse, Chloe McIntosh, Barbara A Meier, Glenis Moore, Jessica Morris-Reade, Betty Naegele Gundred, Don Noel, Percy Olsen, Rod Raglin, Jay Rose, E. M. Sherwood Foster, Andrew Smiglowski, Jessica B. Sokol, Gabby Stock, Ross Timberlake, and Lori Zavada

On average, WayWords publishes 53% of submissions received. 

This publication rarely solicits specific authors for work; everything we publish comes from open calls.

Theme section accepts fiction (up to 5,000 words) and poetry (up to two poems, up to 15 lines each).

Tribute section accepts creative nonfiction, up to 5,000 words.

Submission to WayWords will always be free.

Check our FAQ for more information.

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Issue 11 is available

in digital and print!

Issue 12: CLOSED -in review



Editor's tip: nightmares are just as unique as the person who fears them: they're all about perspective.

Fiction prose or poetry

Up to 5,000 words or 15 lines each



Creative nonfiction tributes

Up to 5,000 words

The Writer's Workout will refuse submissions lacking proper Title Information as specified in our submissions guidelines below. 

The Writer's Workout will reject all fanfiction, religious, political, erotic, or AI-copied content.




Submissions Guidelines

Submissions must be in English and include the Title Information listed below.

Please limit yourself to one fiction (theme) or CNF (tribute) piece or two poems per issue, up to 5,000 words or 15 lines, respectively.

Times New Roman or Arial font, size 10 or 12, single spaced

Indented paragraphs except for poetry

Empty margins on all four sides

Empty line for scene breaks

Entries must include this Title Information in this order at the top of the document body, aligned left: 

Please do not add your Title Information to the header margin.

Name or Pseudonym, email

Entry Title

WayWords (Theme or Tribute)

Word or Line Count 


If your submission was previously published, please let us know where below your word/line count.​

Accepted file types: .doc, .docx, .odt

Submit via email OR DropBox OR Duosuma.

Live, unlocked Google Docs or Microsoft Word links are accepted via email (submissions[at] Set your document permissions to "anyone with the link can [comment or edit]" so we can collect it. We will not request access and we are not responsible for locked docs.

Tip: Keep your formatting simple!

The Writer's Workout uses industry standard formatting; it's designed to let the work shine without extra flourishes and unnecessary efforts. You can find great examples of industry standard formatting in a traditionally published book.



The Writer's Workout requests one-time, non-exclusive serial rights with worldwide distribution.
We accept simultaneous submissions, previously published works, and you retain the right to submit your published work elsewhere after we publish it. 

WayWords accepts fiction short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. We do not require the right to first refusal so if your piece was declined elsewhere, we'd love to see it!  


If you'd like to withdraw, please let us know by email: submissions[at]

WayWords is published in digital and print.

This organization is run entirely by volunteers.

Your submission is a charitable donation; we appreciate your support!

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