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This quarterly literary journal inspires fresh ideas from writers around the world in all stages of their writing career.  We welcome everyone using words as a way forward. 

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Jessica Morris-Reade, Réven Widener, & Seth Cupery

What are we looking for? 

We want to see fresh, inspiring pieces; give us chills, fill us with awe. Show the best (and worst) parts of your fictional world. Your home is here.   


On average... WayWords publishes 53% of total submissions received. 

This publication rarely solicits specific authors for work; everything we publish comes from open calls.

Check our FAQ for more information.


Each issue of WayWords includes two separate sections. The Theme section houses the accepted fiction stories and poems while the separate Tribute section is limited to a few creative nonfiction pieces from writers with first-hand knowledge of the topic. 

We do not recommend trying to combine sections. 

 > Themes

The theme is the one-word, central topic for the bulk of each issue. For this section, submit fiction short stories up to 5,000 words or two poems up to 15 lines each, inspired by the issue's theme. WayWords welcomes fresh writing as well as pieces you may have submitted elsewhere, provided the piece was not previously published and fits the central theme of the issue.

 > Tributes

The tribute section highlights people whose real-life amazing work sometimes goes unnoticed. This section strives to shine a light on everyday heroes through creative nonfiction.  

Submissions & Formatting

We hold simultaneous open calls and require specific Title Information (below) to ensure the correct team reviews your work. 

Entries must meet the following general formatting requirements:

Arial or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12pt, black text only

Single spaced

No extra spaces between lines or paragraphs except for scene breaks.

1" empty margins on all four sides

0.5" (12.7mm) or Tab indentations for all paragraphs

Do not use the spacebar for indentations

Empty line for scene breaks

Do not include your title a second time before your entry.

Tip: Keep things simple!

The Writer's Workout uses industry standard formatting; it's designed to let the work shine without extra flourishes and unnecessary efforts. You can find great examples of industry standard formatting in a traditionally published book.

Title Information

Entries must include the proper Title Information at the start of the document, aligned left:

Name and email

Title of Entry

Theme or Tribute, Issue Number

Word or Line Count


If your submission was previously published, please let us know where on the line below your word/line count.


Entries not meeting the general formatting requirements will not be considered. Entries not including Title Information in the order listed above will not be considered. Entries must be in English. 

You may submit one short story up to 5,000 words or two poems up to 15 lines each per issue.

The Writer's Workout accepts these file types: .doc, .docx, .odt

Submit via email OR DropBox OR Duosuma.


Rights information is crucial no matter where you send your work!

WayWords accepts short stories and poetry. We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published works. We do not require the right to first refusal so if your piece was declined elsewhere, we'd love to see it! If accepted, your piece will be published in that issue of WayWords. The Writer's Workout will not retain publication rights for future issues or compilations so once the issue is live, you're welcome to send your piece elsewhere. Keep in mind many places will not accept previously published works. 

If you submit a piece elsewhere that we've published in WayWords, be sure to let them know! Provide them with the issue number and any other supporting information they request. Remember: the rights to a WayWords story are yours, following issue publication.

This literary journal is published in digital and print.

Issue 8

now available!

ebook and print

Issue 9: EDITING

We reached out January 12 to everyone who included contact details with their submission. 

Issue 10: OPEN CALL



Editor's tip: Sandboxes contain wild adventure, life, and endless imagination. They also provide a sense of peace.

Fiction prose or poetry



Creative nonfiction tributes

Accepting fiction and creative nonfiction submissions up to 5,000 words or two poems up to 15 lines each.


The Writer's Workout will refuse submissions lacking proper Title Information. Please include your email address and review the submissions information before you submit your work.

The Writer's Workout will reject all religious, political, or erotic content.


Future Issues

WayWords is a quarterly journal. Feel free to start writing when and where you're inspired! To help improve the selection process, please wait to submit entries for future issues until the submission window opens.

Issue 10

January 1st - February 20

Theme: Sandbox

Tribute: -Open-

Issue 11

April 1st - May 20

Theme: Outcast

Tribute: -Open-

Issue 12

July 1st - August 20

Theme: Illusion

Tribute: -Open-

Issue 13

July 1st - August 20

Theme: TBD

Tribute: -Open-

Open calls run on the dates provided. Submissions close at 12 am, UTC. Submissions received outside the open call window cannot be considered for publication. You are welcome to submit your piece again for a future issue.

You may submit one short story up to 5,000 words or two poems per issue.

Creative nonfiction is accepted for the tribute section only.


The Writer's Workout will not accept submissions without proper Title Information. Please review the submissions information before you submit your work.

The Writer's Workout will reject all religious, political, or erotic content.

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