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Submissions Guidelines

Your formatting is important! A professional presentation could mean the difference between publication and the dreaded rejection letter. The Writer's Workout accepts submissions formatted to industry standard: Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) with slight alterations, depending on when they've last updated their system. All Writer's Workout submissions should follow the guidelines below. 

The Writer's Workout runs simultaneous open calls with different review teams.

Check our publication FAQ here.

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The Writer's Workout accepts .doc, .docx, .odt, and links to Google Docs*. If you have questions about the submission guidelines that are not answered here, please email

*Please note The Writer's Workout does not accept .gdoc files or invitations to edit

The Writer's Workout does not accept .pdf files or submissions pasted into the body of the email.

General Formatting

When formatting your submission, use the guide below. All submissions should be in English.

Begin your document with your Title Information (below), add one blank line, then begin your entry.


Font: Times New Roman or Arial, 10 or 12 pt, black text.

Spacing: single spaced with 1" (25.4 mm) empty margins on all sides.

Indentations: indented using Tab or auto-indent set to 0.5" (12.7 mm).

Never use the space bar to indent paragraphs.

Layout: no extra blank space* before or after paragraphs

Scene breaks are designated by one blank line.

Never add your entry title a second time between your Title Information and entry. 

All submissions accepted via email:

Some submissions accepted via Dropbox, where linked. 

*Microsoft Word users will find the default setting, "Add blank space after paragraphs", is not correct here or in other CMS submissions. You'll need to turn that off for proper formatting. Go to the paragraph settings and click "Remove space after paragraphs".  

Title Information

Proper Title Information is required for all submissions to The Writer's Workout. We run simultaneous open calls half the year and each call has a different team of readers. Title Information ensures your work is delivered to the correct team; it should be in the order listed, at the top of your document, aligned left. Please do not add your Title Information to the header margin.


Your Name/Pseudonym and email address

Entry Title

Review Team (WayWords, Writer's Games Event Name, etc)

Word or Line Count 

Please note additional information may be required. Place additional information on a separate line after your word count.

The Writer's Workout has provided a sample title for your convenience:

Edgar Allan Poe,

The Tell-Tale Heart

WayWords Theme: The Unknown 


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