The Writer's Workout loves challenges! We thrive on them because they provide a quick, easy way to put in a lot of practice in a short amount of time. The more practice, the easier it is to improve overall. So join us for a few of the many challenges we run throughout the year and find out how The Writer's Workout can help you be a better writer.

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Achievement Tracker

The Achievement Tracker helps you organize everything writing related; from reading to novels, short stories, contests, editing and more, this Tracker has it ALL! 

UPDATE: We're improving the Achievement Tracker for 2021 in several major ways. Signup for this feature is disabled through Dec 25.

Writing Arcade

The Writing Arcade is deeply embedded in everything we do at The Writer's Workout. It's a fun, easy way to earn tickets as you write so you can reward yourself with prizes! Visit our Writing Arcade page for information on registration, updates, associated Tracker pages, and the Ticket Leader Board.

UPDATE: We're improving the core design of Writing Arcade. Signup for this feature is disabled through Dec 25.

The Writer's Games

The Writer's Games is a bi-annual writing competition with a global reach. For six consecutive weeks, registered participants create short stories that meet the challenges announced for the week. Events last 72 hours and each challenge is secret until the clock starts. Entries are judged blindly by a team of interns (the future of the publication industry) and trained volunteers. Every judged entry receives feedback from multiple judges and if this isn't awesome enough, winners from the five scored Events are published in the portion's Writer's Games anthology!

Entries for The Writer's Games are scored by adherence to the challenge and expression of the Event's Core Concept(s). You can check out the Event definitions in advance to try to plan ahead and think of ways to show the judges you understand the concepts listed. The Writer's Games makes it easy to try new genres and quickly improve your writing in just six weeks. 

The Inky Deep

For some, a micro challenge is enough to get the blood--we mean ink--flowing. For others, a deeper challenge is necessary to truly explore a subject. In The Inky Deep, find a prompt focused on the month's topic character archetype, with a little tropey goodness mixed in. Create your fiction and post it to the forum for feedback. This challenge is open every month.

Prompt Series

In search of a challenge but not into competition? Try your hand at one of our Prompt Series. Each open-genre series is thirty connected prompts so you can pick one at random every day for a month and at the end, you'll have a novella!

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