The Writer's Workout strives to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education. We want to help you be a better writer.

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The Writer's Workout produces both monthly and annual writing competitions designed to challenge writers to venture outside their comfort zones. The 500 is single-challenge prompt with a focal--core--concept. These core concepts include things like description, character development, backstory, etc, to help guide writers to strengthening their writing foundation. Members volunteer to judge the entries for each competition and pay close attention to the development of these core concepts. Trope Challenge highlights two common tropes in the month's focal genre and teaches writers how to use them to their advantage by requiring those who submit an entry to critique the work of someone else. Partner Story teaches writers how to work with others and accept differing views while proving a creative platform for writers to explore different subjects. 

The Writer's Workout is the home of The Writer's Games, a bi-annual writing competition with six new challenges over six weeks. Writer's Games entries are judged by college student interns, the future of the writing industry. For The Writer's Games, each entry receives honest, unbiased feedback from multiple judges with varying backgrounds, experiences, and literary tastes. This feedback helps writers understand whether their work succeeded in their target market, what they did well, and where they could improve. 

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Founded in 2014 with just 44 members, The Writer's Workout is now global with members in more than twenty countries across six continents. We strive to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education.

We want to help you be a better writer.

If you'd like to see the breakdown of labor and expense for the production of one portion of The Writer's Games, click here.

In addition to the 14 competitions produced by The Writer's Workout each year, the community fosters motivation and encouragement through weekly writing quotes, tips, prompts, critiques, and monthly focus topics. All members of the administrative team are volunteers; donating thousands of hours and dollars annually. 

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Want to support The Writer's Workout but you spent your last dollar on that gorgeous new notebook? You can donate your time! Volunteers keep us running and we're looking to grow. We have several open positions (just send us your resume); you can volunteer to be a monthly competition judge, or hey! Tell your writer friends about us! The writing community thrives on word-of-mouth so encourage your friends to check us out!

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