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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

About the author: Jennifer Worrell won second place in the 2016 Writer's Games, beating out 124 other writers overall. Her short stories are featured in the Writer's Games anthology (available in ebook and print on Amazon). You can follow her on twitter: @PieLadyChicago.

Note: this post contains language not suitable for minors. It is the policy of The Writer's Workout to post as received.

The other day I was reading yet another writing craft book. I like to make myself nuts with all the things I could be doing wrong. I never had an overly critical mother or mother-in-law, so maybe I feel like I'm missing out. Life is pain. And so it goes...

Point of view has never been my strong suit. It's not entirely my fault, however. First and second person are easy peasy; third, not so much. The two basic types, limited and omniscient, can be further broken down into subjective and objective. And no matter how many times I look up the definitions of those words I can never keep them straight in my head. And I think there’s unlimited subjective and objective…

Wait…Ima need to do the D.E.W. to get through this shit.

One craft book said to pick one and stick with it; another said you could open chapters in omniscient, then focus down to limited. And somehow all this relates to narrative distance.

I'm massaging my forehead as I write this.

Then I read about yet another beast called deep third, which apparently is just like method acting! Period, end of chapter.

I just about threw that book... (post continues on Jennifer's blog)

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