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Writer's Games: Anushree Jagtap

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Writer's Games have helped me learn to be more confident about my work as well as improving my ability to work in a team. I've been participating in the Games for the past two years and I've been fortunate enough to have a team that supports each other with respect and encouragement. We won the team portion both years due to our hard work and perseverance but I know we wouldn't have gotten there without our confidence as well.

I remember how nervous I was to start typing for our very first Event. I didn't know what the nine other people in my group would think. What if my work was too immature or not descriptive enough? I had to learn to push through my insecurities and write and later learned that everyone had their own style. Due to our attitudes and good work ethic, we were able to work together to edit and piece together everyone's writing so that the overall story flowed and made sense.


About the author: Anushree is a three-year veteran of Writer's Games and a member of the reigning champion team, The Red Herrings. You can follow her on Facebook: AuthorNush, tumblr: thenushway, and read her work on Wattpad: Leafstorm.


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