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Pacemaker: Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Setting goals as you go through life can be a great way get the things you desire. Whether that’s your dream job, a new relationship, or a more positive outlook, setting checkpoints along the way can make bigger tasks seem less daunting. Being able to track your status can also make the ultimate goal seem like it’s not so far away. This works for writing as well.

Knowing you need to write 100,000 words is a lot to think about but breaking it down into more manageable sections can make it seem almost simple. And you don’t have to do it alone. Pacemaker is a simple, flexible goal planner for writers and students- set a writing pace, keep it, beat it or cheat it!

With Pacemaker, you can create any kind of project plan you want. From editing to writing to translating, you can customize your plan to fit how it will best work for you. You can also name it whatever you want. Next Great International Novel? Make J.K. Rowling Jealous? Fantasy Sci-fi Vampire Universe? Really, anything.

From there, you choose whether you want to have your goal broken up into daily sections or if you want your total amount to be shown and then Pacemaker will simply track how close you are to that final total.

If you choose to have your goal broken up into daily amounts, you can set it up in a number of ways: the amount of words you want to write daily, the number of pages, how many characters you create, or any number of other options. Then just pick the day you want to start and when you plan on finishing.

Next, you pick what type of strategy you want to use. Do you want to do the most work midway through your project, at the beginning, or do you want to really get down to business near the end? It' s up to you!

Pacemaker even allows you to pick if there are any days you want to skip. Don’t feel like working on your birthday? It will recalculate your goal (if you are breaking it up into daily sections) to let you know what you need to do to meet your deadline.

Finally, you pick how you want to view your progress (graph, table, or calendar), how you want to record your progress (total amount of words overall or how many completed that day), and if you Pacemaker to change your goal over time depending on if you are ahead or behind. There are lots of options to fit your needs, but it’s very easy to set up!

Pacemaker also has a premium version you can pay for that provides even more options, including:

  • Access to a personal Integrated Calendar- Get the full picture - see all of your projects at a glance, even color-coded for greater organizational control

  • Private plans - For those Pacemaker Plans which are for your eyes only

  • Unlimited plans - Create as many plans as your heart desires! Long plans, short plans, plans you start but never finish, it doesn’t matter. (Free Pacemaker accounts include 2 plans)

  • Project Descriptions - For when your project needs more than a name

  • Challenges subscription - Create and host a Group for a writing challenge or just communal writing activities. Track stats and progress for the entire Group- perfect for classrooms, writing groups, NaNoWriMo and friends!

  • Access to any new features we add to Pacemaker Premium in the future, as well as the ability to directly influence what features we add next!

Now you can track your progress as you create your next masterpiece! Now, go onward and achieve your dreams!


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