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Our Giveaway-Winning Book Review: Cocky Soldier by Faleena Hopkins

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I'm going to try and write an impartial review of the book. It's not going to be easy considering how this author tried to threaten her fellow writers with her trademark stunt.

The story is about Jeremy and Meagan and is written from both POVs in alternating chapters. Jeremy is a marine returned from war and the youngest brother of the Cocker family. He lives in a bare apartment with his dog, Aslan. (The name of the dog is important)

Meagan is a chef or rather a manager of a new restaurant opened by a supposedly MasterChef, Bryan. He treats her like a booty call. Now, I don't mind having a heroine with a few negative traits, but this was not something I liked. She chose to sleep with a man 15 years her senior so that he'd allow her to cook in his restaurant kitchen. At least she had the sense to say no in the initial pages of the story. For someone with a culinary degree from a fancy place and an attitude to go with it, she sure was submissive to her boss.

Jeremy is suffering from PTSD of a kind. We get to know the reason much later in the book, but the emotion wasn't enough. The impact wasn't there. At least Jeremy and Meagan didn't jump into the bed immediately.

Meagan was a strong character. That was why I did not like her submit to the jerk chef. That man was a certified overbearing, foul-mouthed jerk with more ego than talent.

The side characters were alright. There was too much focus on Jeremy's bar tending skills. It got boring at times. Megan's sister and her family were a good addition and Jeremy's entire family make an appearance in the story as well. They seemed like a big happy family.

I always have an issue with the F-word (which is featured in the book), but that seems to be how a lot of people speak these days.

The romance quotient was also okay; not much depth, but it wasn't erotica either. I guess it's a romance that hasn't decided if it wants to touch the erotic level or not.

I'm giving it 1.5 stars. I definitely wouldn't want to buy the book.

This post won a giveaway for Dragon Draw.


About the author: Srivalli Rekha is a blogger, writer, and amateur photographer. She got a degree in MBA and MA English Literature and chose to become a writer and a poet instead of a corporate professional.

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