Boss Battle Book Review: Hiraeth- Partition Stories from 1947

Updated: Sep 8

Note: The book is a collection of short stories inspired from true events that occurred in 1947. The land of Hindustan was divided into India and Pakistan a day before the countries were officially declared as independent nations (after the British left).

These stories are not ordinary tales. They are words, emotions, and lives of people who had to flee; escape, run away, hide, and try their best to survive when 'some higher authorities' decided to divide their land. A land that was theirs belonged to them no more. A chunk of their country was no longer theirs.

Tears, pain, agony, uncertainty, questions, betrayal, depression, murder, death, and venom ruled the land that was ruthlessly broken into two.

Amidst the overwhelming darkness were rays of light- friends who defined relationships, families that provided a helping hand, strangers who became family.

Thousands of families perished; thousands survived, barely. Disjointed, destroyed, and desolate, they picked up the wrecked pieces of their lives in a feeble attempt to move on.

Some made it big, some lost it all. Either side cried for their misfortune even as the governments assured things would be better.

How can things be better? Relocating wasn't a choice. It was a compulsion. It was an order.

Years later, when they talk about the partition, tears fill those eyes. Voices choke with burdened emotions. Hands tremble as the memories of those dreadful days rake up the old wounds that never healed.

The book has 24 stories- of the past and present. Most with a hopeful ending; the rest dealing with the harsh realities one cannot, should not deny.

As long as one lives and even after, the stories have to be told. Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren should know. They should know how lives were ruined for reasons best known to certain influential people.