5 Self-Care Tips Every Writer Could Use

Most people who work from home experience burnout from time to time. And the thing is, burnout can be avoidable. Are you tired of being tired? Are you over everything and everyone in your life? Does the prospect of writing another word or taking on another story make you sick?

If you’ve had enough of stress ruling your life, now is the time to get it under control. Check out these five writer self-care tips from Writer’s Workout to bust stress and avoid burnout:

1. Check Your Living Environment

Writers often spend a lot of time working and carrying on everyday life in their homes. Your living environment must meet not only your needs but also a place that rejuvenates you and sparks creativity.

If your home is not playing a part in your overall wellness, it is time to make some changes. Consider bringing in some houseplants to your living space to make it feel brighter and freshen up the air. Tackle the clutter building on counters and the floors, bring in lamps to light up dark spaces and take down your blinds to let in natural light.

Your workspace should be inviting, comfortable, and free from distraction. Make sure you have a desk that allows you to have all your equipment, provides room to spread out, and helps you remain free of clutter. Invest in an ergonomic chair that keeps you comfortable and sitting correctly. And if you want to refresh your home, start with your workspace by adding colors and decorating that bring your peace and joy.

2. Eat Well and Drink Water

Everything that you put into your body matters. Eating well and staying well hydrated will do the following:

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Give you energy

  • Manages your mood

  • Improves focus