Book Review: Eight - Fantastical Tales From Here, There & Everywhere

Eight - Fantastical Tales From Here, There & Everywhere by Poornima Manco

Genre: Fantasy, Magic Realism, Short Stories

4 stars

I’ve always been a fan of short stories. When a fellow reviewer recommended this book, I needed no further nudge to grab a copy.

Eight, as the title suggests, is a collection of eight short stories from eight countries around the world. All stories are written by the same author, Poornima Manco.

The blurb asks questions as a way to describe the book. And therein lay the answer. With mythical creatures, ghosts, goddesses, and more, the book blurs the lines between real, surreal, and fantastical. What happens when a presence from the other world decides to step in and help the characters in each story?

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Story 1:

The book starts with a bang as it opens to a scene in The Invisible Suitcase. The story is set in France. Ottilie and her cat (familiar?) Minou set up a café on Valentine's Day. However, not everyone can see the café. It attracts only those looking for love (consciously or subconsciously). When Minou zeros on Elodie, Ottilie knows what has to be done.

The story goes a little back and forth, giving us just information to keep us hooked. It’s a bittersweet story with great potential to become a novelette or a novella. The desserts in the story made me drool. If only readers could eat straight from the books they read. Sigh!

Story 2:

Osterhase or Easter Bunny is set in Germany. A nine-year-old Stefan has a (not-so) chance encounter with the Easter Bunny. It sets the track for further meetings that span Stefan’s life. Each time he needs support and doesn’t know it, the Easter Bunny steps in to take up the role. The story has love, loss, pain, and enough happiness to end in contentment.

Story 3:

The Butterfl