Book Review: The Return of Hester Lynton: Ten New Detective Mysteries by Tony Evans

Publication Date: 25th Nov 2021

Genre: Historical Mystery (Victorian)

3.8 Stars

One Liner: Breezy and light cozy mystery collection.

Hester Lynton is back in action in this collection of ten mysteries. Hester is a Victorian female detective with Ivy as her assistant. Hester accepts intriguing cases that make her curious to know more. Being her loyal assistant and sidekick, Ivy does her share of sleuthing to help Hester solve the case.

All ten cases are standalone. There are references to people from other books in the series, but that shouldn’t worry us. These people are recurring characters who act as a catalyst to take the case forward one way or another. It’s Hester and Ivy who do the hard work in every case.

Hester is a smart, sharp, and sensible woman with a touch of recklessness and eccentricity. Ivy is softer and composed, though she’s also prone to sudden bursts of inspiration.

If the blurb sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve read such characters before. Yes! Hester and Ivy are a sort-of tribute to the great Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They belong to the same setting and share similar traits.

However, Hester is a gritty woman and has the smarts to carry the book on her shoulders. It’s comforting to read a collection of cases that are familiar yet new.

The Case of the Fanshaw Inheritance: Deals with a cryptic clue Hester needs to solve to help a young man gain his inheritance. It’s straightforward and interesting.

The Case of the Stolen Leonardo: A painting is stolen just before it needs to be handed over to the buyer. Can Hester help trace it and find the thief? This reminded me a lot about one of Holmes’ cases.

The Case of the Missing Professor: A high-profile professor has gone missing. He’s got something the government and enemies want. But where is he? How can a book with a successful detective not have such