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Let's Get Campy

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

It's April and for some of us, that means Camp NaNoWriMo is in session! All month, we're following a few writers as they talk about successes, goals, and distractions in their struggle to make words.

Let's meet a few of our subjects:

RH Berry

NaNoWriMo handle: RHBerry - feel free to add!

Project: The Other Face of Sympathy

Genre(s): Horror/Supernatural

Goal: 50k

What do you expect to be your biggest hurdle this month?: Without daycare, it's going to be difficult juggling writing with taking care of my child. I fully expect not to meet my goal, but I'm going to do my best regardless!

You can follow RH on Twitter: @AuthorRHBerry and check out his website:

A.B. Kelly

NaNoWriMo handle: Wombatony (also Wombat on 4thewords)

Project: Charles in Charge (2nd Draft)

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Alternative History, Fantasy

Goal: Finish Second Draft (40,000 words into rewrite of 127,000 word novel. Hoping final version will be closer to 90,000-100,000, so NaNo "goal" is 50,000)

What do you expect to be your biggest hurdle this month? 

1. Figuring out remote teaching my high school classes while also keeping kindergartner daughter focused on her own remote learning. That being said, I normally don't do April Camp because I'm usually preparing students for AP Test all month. I should have less grading. 

2. Also, I hate editing. That first 40,000 words of the 2nd draft I've already written started last September.

3. And of course, my phone and all of its wonderful apps and games... You can follow A.B. on Twitter: @A_B_Kelly and check out his website:

If you'd like to be featured this month, please email Theresa at Good luck, Campers!


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