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Fiction Potluck Finalists: July '23

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We love Fiction Potluck because the submissions are so much fun! Here are July's Fiction Potluck Finalists for the Victorian Era Secret challenge.

Look for the Finalist badge across social media to connect with these authors.

July Finalists

Faith Hope Breedlove

Faith Hope Breedlove is a bank analyst, and a reader, turned writer. She has shared her writing with her family and friends for years. From her home in Florida, where she lives with her family, photographs nature, and gardens, she is working to make her publishing dream come true.

Follow her on Instagram (faithhopebreedlove), Facebook (traces of faith), and Twitter (@FaithHope0313).


P.Carter lives with his family near Washington, D.C. He spends much of his non-napping time failing to coax his children, his queernorm-world characters (including the ones in here) and his reporters' grammar to behave. He also runs a writer feedback group on Facebook.

Claude Chabot

“Claude Chabot” has published five short stories and has produced four radio plays based on his own stories. He addresses the conflicts and changes his characters experience while traveling, and also writes ghost stories, mysteries and myriad others. He has written one novel and is at work on two others.

A. R. Field

Amy is a keen fantasy writer and reader, spending lots of time lost in worlds with magic and dragons. When she is not at her keyboard, Amy is catering to the endless demands of her two dogs and working within Environmental Management. Find her on TikTok:

Mirabel Rejoice

Mirabel Rejoice is a young writer who loves to read as much as she loves to write. She has been writing since she was about seven and has significantly improved since then. She writes on Wattpad as Mimi_Rejoice, on Webnovel (The GLEE in murder) and does some freelance writing as well.

Allison Rott

Allison Rott, (pronounced 'wrote') lives in Illinois. A voracious reader from her own childhood she hasn’t lost her love of stories or the many ways of telling them. is the place to find her blog and the information on the six short stories already published.

Ginger Strivelli

Ginger Strivelli is an artist and writer from North Carolina. She has written for Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Circle Magazine, Third Flatiron, Autism Parenting Magazine, Silver Blade, various other magazines and several anthology books. She loves to travel the world and make arts and crafts. She considers herself a storyteller entertaining and educating through her writing. @GingerStrivelli on Twitter.

Garth Wolkoff

Garth Wolkoff is a writer and high school teacher living in Brooklyn. He has had stories published in the Indiana Review, Downtown Brooklyn, Kereem, and will have fiction published this year in Bull, Everyday Fiction, and 86 Logic. He was a finalist for the 2022 Fractured Lit Flash Fiction Challenge.


Join us here on September 22 for Fiction Potluck Friday where you can read the winning pieces!

We are so grateful for our Guest Judge, Riley Kilmore!

Award-winning poet and author Riley Kilmore has been a cop, firefighter, homeschool mom, and world traveler.

Her work has been seen in GRIT, The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Literary Mama, and many other anthologies and literary magazines. Her forthcoming middle grade fantasy is due out in January from Wild Ink Publishing. Kilmore and her husband reside in a cabin on a Pennsylvania mountainside three miles south of the middle of nowhere.

Mark your calendars for Riley's debut​ in January '24!

Follow Riley on...

Twitter (@RileyKilmore)

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