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Sunday Evening Post, Iss. 32

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Apparently, a whole week passed. I don’t know when that happened or why no one consulted me on the passage of time but listen, it is not okay. There’s not enough.

Curse these sudden story ideas. I have so many. SO MANY. And I can’t seem to squeeze a word out. Everything else seems more important than my own writing because I do that for me whereas all the rest of the stuff I do is for everyone else. Ouch.


I bought a few more plants for my fish. They were sick and really annoyed with me because I medicated their food but they’re healthy and happy now. Plus, new plants! Worth it, 10/10 would do again.

Fiction projects: ??

Fiction words this week: I stared at a wall for four minutes, does that count? (Editor's Note: It does.)


About the author: Theresa Green is the co-founder of The Writer's Workout and a crime fiction writer.

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