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What Writers Are Thankful For

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Around this time of year, no matter what we celebrate, we all tend to think about what we're thankful for. Who made this year a little bit easier? What made us smile through the tough times? What made life easier? Writers ask these questions too. With how difficult getting words on the page can be, maybe we think about this more than the average person.

Are you thankful for the words you were able to get out of your head this year? Are you grateful for the people who supported you in your writing? The writing community on Twitter? Or maybe even The Writer's Workout??

Maybe you're thankful for Google Docs that saved all your hard-earned words when your computer decided to die a horrible death? Or Scrivener for making it so easy to split your story into chapters? Or perhaps you participated in The Writer's Games this year and wrote something you never thought you could? (I'm raising my hand here!)

Here are some of the writer-ly things I'm thankful for this year.

The Writer's Workout

The writing community that's part of The Writer's Workout and the people I work with to create all the things you see on our site, social media, blog, and forum are completely amazing. They've helped me through the Games, encouraged me to keep writing and editing, and have been a place where I can vent my frustrations or doubts and have people respond who I know understand what I'm going through. What more could a writer ask for?

The Writer's Games

This year was my second time competing in the Games and I had more fun than ever. The Events always make me come up with stories I'd never have thought of otherwise. I never write historical fiction and yet, the Games have gotten two historical fictions stories out of me that I love and plan on revising and hopefully, publishing one day. The fast pace, the new ideas, and the camaraderie with other people competing all makes it equally fun and challenging.

Sticky Notes

Where would I be without sticky notes? All my good ideas would be lost to the abyss that is my brain. I come up with ideas at the weirdest times, so having a pack of sticky notes around is imperative. Sometimes it's just a line of dialogue or a setting, and other times, it's a whole novel idea, but whatever it is, I know that if I don't write it down, it will be gone in a couple of minutes. I currently have a pile of them on my desk just waiting to be made into a story.


More often than not, my best story ideas (and the less-than-great ideas too) come when I'm doing yoga. I don't know what it is about practicing yoga that opens my mind enough for all the ideas to come in, but that's just how it is. I may not like doing it all the time, but when I do, I always feel like I can conquer the world, or at least get 500 words down on the page.

Writing/Publishing Twitter

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Twitter is definitely one of my biggest distractions, but I have learned more about writing and the publishing process from that side of Twitter than anywhere else. Reading about other writers' experiences (both good and bad) makes the process seem less daunting. Publishing isn't the most transparent industry out there and when published, experienced writers are willing to share the good and the bad parts of it, other writers get an inside look at what to expect and what to look out for. It can be a great resource.

What are you thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments below!


About the author: Sarah Perchikoff is a writer and blogger, and the Director of Brand for the Writer's Workout. She also writes for Culturess, Netflix Life, and Guilty Eats. When she's not writing, she loves read, watch way too much TV, and further her addiction to Sour Patch Kids and french fries. You can connect with her on Twitter: @sperchikoff


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1 Comment

Theresa Green
Theresa Green
Nov 29, 2020

I can't put into words how grateful I am to work with the team here at WW. Your tenacity, encouragement, and unwavering hope are a constant source of inspiration for me. I've really struggled with my writing this year and this community gave me the confidence not only to put those words on the page but to submit them.

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