Teague LaBrosse

2021 Writer's Games Winner
Second Place

The Writer's Workout conducted the following interview with Teague LaBrosse in September, 2021. The Writer's Workout is represented as "WW" and Teague is represented as "TL". Interview responses are published as received. 

WW: What made you want to participate in the Writer's Games this year?

TL: My friend, Brianna Beaudet, is the reason why I competed in the Writer’s Game this year. She’s a writer and knows that I do screen writing so she reached out to me asking if I’d compete with her so we could keep each other motivated. It seemed new and exciting but most of all it was a fun excuse to write with my friend, I couldn’t resist!


WW: Was there anything that you were worried or nervous about coming into this year's Games?

TL: Yes. There were many nerves. As I stated before I’m more of a screenwriter than anything else, it’s where most of my training in writing is, so switching formats was pretty damn daunting. Also I’m very dyslexic which is a hurdle in all of my literary work, but describing in paragraphs rather than small sentences was a rough transition.


WW: What kept you motivated to participate in each Event?

TL: Two main things kept me motivated; one being my friend Bri who asked me to join her in this competition, the second being my crippling fear of failure. I told myself that I would submit whatever I had for each Event, even if it was garbage; because then at least I’d have completed the task. Plus then I would have feedback for the start of something I could make into something great!


WW: Did life ever get in the way during the Games? How did that affect your writing?

TL: Aside from work on Fridays and Mondays that got in the way, I just moved to England from New York. I’m actually writing this in the UK now, but did all 5 Events in the US. So the stress of getting my visa worked out, a place to live, and see all my people before I left all while still working really made completing the Event tough. But in a way the pressure really helped- it prevented me from overthinking every detail and let me explore my worlds and characters while I wrote them. Which sounds chaotic, and it was in a way, but I had an absolute blast!


WW: What was your favorite Event and why?

TL: This is tough- I feel like I should say It's A Disaster! because that’s the Event I placed top 5 in; though I am tempted to say the practice event Stuck because I really proved to myself in that Event that I can do this! But I think my favorite overall to write was Fatal Flaw. 
Leaning into my character’s bad habits and finding just cause to take them to their extremes was such a joy! Being able to act out on the page in ways I would never in real life is one of the reasons I love writing so much.


WW: Was there an Event that was more challenging for you than the others?

TL: We Built This City was without a doubt the biggest challenge for me. Writing around a landmark was so oddly difficult. I had to google what qualified as a landmark, and even after that it took me ages to actually start writing anything (in retrospect I was truly overthinking it!)



WW: What inspires you to write in general?

TL: People and different types of relationships really inspire me! I have 7 older siblings (and just a big messy family in general;) We all have such different relationships between one another because of age or circumstance, which is fascinating to me. Really exploring characters’ relationship dynamics, nuances, and complexities is my favorite thing to do in my writing.

WW: What genre do you normally like to write in? How did that help or hurt you during the Games?

TL: The majority of my writing experience is in sketch comedy, which I love! I guess it helped because the one Event I placed in the top 5 was specifically a comedy Event. But I truly loved exploring my abilities in writing horror, and drama centric stories! Though truth be told I don’t think I’ve ever written a story without some comedy in it. Life doesn’t feel complete without a good laugh, and neither does a good story!


WW: What is the best advice someone has ever given you and who said it?


TL: Some of the best advice I’ve held with me was from my sixth grade art teacher; she said to us, “There are no mistakes in art, only new opportunities.” Of course we were painting at the time, but that simple sentence echoes in my head with each creative endeavor I take on. Knowing that each blunder could lead to something better than I had originally hoped allows me to be quite fearless in my work, which is truly a gift!


WW: What advice would you give to people thinking about participating in next year's Games?

TL: Do it! Play the game, have fun, create something you love! Having the guarantee of someone reading your work is a rare gift, so don’t pass it up. I’m very proud of all the stories I have created in this competition, and I know you will be too. Do not let fear hold you back, take the leap, there is nothing to lose; only to gain!

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