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Teams is a cowriting challenge designed to encourage writers to work together. Writing is never a solo act; the outside perspectives of editors, peers, and readers help us see what made it out of our head and onto the page. We can learn a LOT by working together. 

For a cowriting challenge, you need a team! You and your team will develop a single entry to be judged and critiqued. Create a team on your own or use our Discord to find a perfect match. 

This challenge does not require registration or fees. Find rules, submissions guidelines, rights information, and submission links below.


Public Domain: "Works that [...] may be used freely, without obtaining permission from or compensating the copyright owner."

(Adam Myers)

Read more about what public domain means on

Aspects of fiction works in the public domain can be used in new, original works of fiction without considering the new work "fanfiction".

October Challenge




Choose two titles from the list below; use recognizable elements from both together in a single, new story. 


The Lost World

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


The Call of Cthulhu

by H.P. Lovecraft



by Mary Shelley


Treasure Island

by R.L. Stevenson



by Bram Stoker


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain


The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells


The War of the Worlds

by H.G. Wells

Deadline: October 27

Submission links below the rules. Good luck!


Need a team? Check our Discord!

General Rules

  • All entries must be in English and original works of fiction. 

  • Teams must choose two works from the provided list to complete their entry.

  • One submission per team per challenge.

  • One team per writer per challenge.

  • Teams of 4-6 writers.

  • The competition runs on UTC time, beginning and ending at midnight.

  • Your team must keep your entry private until after we post the winning story/ies.

  • The judges' decisions are final.

  • The judges will provide feedback for each team's entry.

  • Winning pieces are published as received.


The following are not accepted:​

  • Simultaneous submissions

  • Previously published works

  • AI-generated content

  • Fanfiction, erotica, religious, or political content

  • Pieces longer than the word count limit

  • Pieces submitted outside the competition time

  • .pdf or .pages files

  • Pieces without the correct Title Information (below) will be rejected unread. 


up to 5,000 words

Times New Roman or Arial font, size 10 or 12, single spaced

Indented paragraphs

Empty 1" margins on all four sides

Empty line for scene breaks

Entries must include this Title Information in this order at the top of the document body*, aligned left.

*Please do not place Title Information in the header margin!

Team Name and names of team members

Team leader's email

Entry Title

Teams October

Word Count 

Accepted file types: .doc, .docx, .odt

Live, unlocked Google Docs or Microsoft Word links are accepted via email (submissions [at] Set your document permissions to "anyone with the link can [comment or edit]" so we can collect it. We will not request access and we are not responsible for locked docs. "Invitations to edit" are not always successful.


Your submission grants The Writer's Workout (WW) exclusive electronic rights for up to 60 days. WW reserves non-exclusive rights to digitally publish winning entries indefinitely. Winning pieces will be published as received.

The Writer's Workout is run by volunteers;

we thrive with your support!


Seth Cupery

Seth is a freelance writer and editor with a bachelor’s degree in the humanities and a history minor, hoping to help other writers improve and find their audience. Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, Seth still tries to learn as much as he can about the wider world so that he can better understand the people he shares a planet with. He enjoys works of fiction, historical facts, weird information from around the globe, and a well-drawn illustration or map.

Josie Queen

Josie writes short stories in a variety of genres, but tends to gravitate towards horror. Her TBR pile is slowly taking over the small house she shares with her husband, 13-year-old, and their cranky 9-year-old cat. She's working on a rewrite of a middle-grade fantasy novel, but is so intent on procrastinating, she recently went and adopted a puppy.

C.A. Raine

C.A. Raine (she/her) is an aspiring fiction writer living in the United Kingdom. When not immersed in her own imaginary worlds, she can be found wrestling with a variety of competition prompts or indulging in creating fanfic with her multitude of OTPs. She especially loves reading and writing in the Young Adult and New Adult genres.
Her archive of completed competition entries can be found here [].

Srivalli Rekha

Srivalli Rekha (she/her) is a BIPOC author from India. As a pagan, she believes in the beauty of nature worship. A freelance content writer during the day, she devours books at night and loves to review them. Her works have been a part of several Indian and international anthologies (eBooks and paperback publications).

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