Indie Author Sunday: L.S. Fellows

Updated: Sep 1

It's Indie Author Sunday! Every other Sunday, we're posting an interview with a different indie author along with posts about them on all our social media accounts. This week it's L.S. Fellows, the author of Magical Memories.

WW: Tell us about your experience with Indie publishing?

LSF: I didn’t start writing with the intention of publishing. For me, the challenge of completing NaNoWriMo was all I’d set my mind on. Until they raised the question: “What next?” As an avid reader, I answered an ad on Goodreads to join an online writing group. In there I found critique partners to read my work, and suddenly publishing was not so strange a concept. Many of those members are among my best friends now, not just as writers but as genuine ‘real-life’ friends. With their help, I managed to steer my way through to self-publishing a couple of books, each of which is stronger as a result of their input and experience.

Since then, I like to think I’ve learnt a lot about the craft, about formatting, distribution channels and the like. I no longer fear the process, just question the quality of my ideas and stories.

WW: Tell us about your book.

LSF: Magic O’Clock is the story of a father and daughter relationship. The daughter visits her father daily at the care home where he now resides because of dementia. He no longer knows her, but she lives in hope of one last glimmer of recognition from him. Each day, at 3pm, he ‘magically’ shakes off the disease and tells stories to fellow residents in the home; stories which offer her hope that he hasn’t forgotten everything.

My next story, to be released in October, is the sequel. Magical Memories tells the story of his inevitable death, and how the daughter and her siblings cope with their grief.