Indie Author Sunday: Laila Winters

Updated: Sep 8

It's Indie Author Sunday! We're posting an interview with a different indie author along with posts about them on all our social media accounts. This week it's Laila Winters, the author of Sins of the Sea.

WW: Tell us about your experience with Indie publishing?

LW: My upcoming novel, Sins of the Sea, is the second book I’ve self-published. It’s being published using Amazon’s Kindle Direct program, and it’s the same route I went for my first book. It’s been a rocky but fun road, but I’ve ultimately enjoyed the experience.

WW: Tell us about your book.

LW: Sins of the Sea is a magical, high-seas adventure that tells the story of Sol Rosebone, a princess on the run to escape an arranged marriage, and Fynn Cardinal, a charming pirate with a secret.

Here’s the book’s summary from GoodReads:

The Sonamire Empire and the Kingdom of Dyn have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. But when the fighting comes to an end, Sonamire’s seventeen-year-old princess, Sol Rosebone, suddenly finds herself as the political bridge between their territories. Betrothed to an enemy prince known to kill men for sport, Sol flees from her home with nothing more than a direwolf trained to protect her, and Magic she can't control.

When the irresistibly charming—and only slightly arrogant—Fynn Cardinal rescues her from a man intending to sell her as a slave, Sol is whisked away onto a pirate ship known as the Refuge. Fynn’s rag-tag crew of runaway teens welcomes her with open arms, but only because Sol’s keeping secrets: she doesn’t tell them about her Magic, and she certainly doesn’t tell them she’s a princess. As the Captain of the Refuge, Fynn’s keeping secrets of his own. All he’s ever wanted was to sail the Emerald Sea and search for the legendary Dragon’s Heart, the rumored source of all Magic. In a race to find the Heart before Sol's wicked betrothed, who plans to use its power to eradicate Sonamire from existence, Fynn drags Sol along to aid in his hunt for the treasure. But Fynn soon realizes there might be more to Sol than meets the eye, and she might just be the key to finding what Fynn has been looking for.