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Fiction Potluck Finalists: October '23

Updated: Jan 17

Fiction Potluck Finalists

We love Fiction Potluck because the submissions are so much fun! Here are October's Fiction Potluck Finalists for the Classic Whodunnit challenge.

Look for the Finalist badge across social media to connect with these authors.

October Finalists

Melissa Behrend

Melissa Behrend fell in love with books and writing at a young age (as evidenced by the crayon-written words in her Golden Books). Today she is pursuing her dream of being a published novelist while working as a writer for tech companies. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two dogs, Mayhem and Chaos.

Dana Choi

Dana Choi is a junior at Herricks High School. Writing, ironically, is not one of Dana's hobbies or passions- instead, she likes to play video games or watch television. You can find her Instagram and TikTok under the username "@ch0ige".

Eric Green

Eric Green is a former newspaper reporter for a daily paper in Maryland, former associate editor for a national magazine in Washington, D.C. dealing with U.S. anti-poverty issues, and former press aide to a U.S. Senator from his native state of Indiana.

Christy Morgan

A recruiter by day and a writer tucked in all the other endless hours, Christy Morgan heralds F. Scott Fitzgerald as her primary literary influence. She enjoys writing about the idiosyncrasies of the deep South. Christy resides in northern Mississippi with her husband, twins and four beloved corgis.

Anka Troitsky

Anka B Troitsky was born in the USSR in 1968, grew up in Kazakhstan and left for the UK in 1993. She is a Philosopher, Artist, Science Teacher, and Translator of books, police cases, court hearings, and National Health care. She reads tons of books yearly, always takes courses to learn new skills, and has no sense of humour. Being an independent author, Anka shares things she realised and discovered in her hard science fiction novels and short stories in various genres, including LGBTQ+. Her 3-part Novel, Who is Vist, is a futuristic series. The content of her most recent work is greatly influenced by the current war and political crime against the Ukrainian people. In her stories, Anka studies the nature of the people responsible for the worst and the best things happening in the world. To deliver her message she doesn’t mind breaking rules of writers, plays with languages and even frustrate her editors a little. 

E.L. Johnson

Join us here on December 22 for Fiction Potluck Friday where you can read the winning pieces!

We love working with our amazing Guest Judge, E.L. Johnson!

E.L. Johnson writes historical mysteries for Dragonblade Publishing, the #1 ebook publisher of Historical Romance

on Amazon. A Boston native, she gave up clam chowder and lobster rolls for tea and scones when she moved across the pond to London, where she studied medieval magic at UCL and medieval remedies at Birkbeck College. Now based in Hertfordshire, she is a member of the Hertford Writers’ Circle and the founder of the London Seasonal Book Club. When not singing in the band, Bloodmemory, she's writing about murder in quiet English villages. Keeping up with E.L.: Website: Twitter: @ELJohnson888 Insta: eljohnson_writes Facebook: @theELJohnson Tiktok: @alecto99 Goodreads: Bookbub: Amazon: Band:


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