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Fiction Potluck Finalists

We're excited to announce the Fiction Potluck Finalists for April's challenge, YA Fantasy!

Look for the Finalist badge across social media to connect with these authors.

April Finalists

Aliyah Amador

Hello there! I'm Aliyah Amador, and I love spending time with my family and friends, baking, and coloring. I've read many books, but The Secrets Within Me by Liana Ramirez is my favorite. Its compelling plot and a powerful message left a lasting impression on me.

Follow her on Instagram: @aliyahashanti

L.D. Blackwell

L.D. Blackwell lives in St. Louis, Missouri where she tends chickens, cats, and children. She is a fitness professional who enjoys writing, reading, hiking, and camping when she’s not lifting heavy things up and putting them back down. She is active in her local public library’s creative writing groups.


P.Carter lives with his family near Washington, D.C. He spends much of his non-napping time failing to coax his children, his queernorm-world characters and his reporters' grammar to behave. He also runs a writer feedback group on Facebook.

Sarah Connell

Sarah Connell writes speculative fiction with a penchant for strange and unique worlds. She is the author of the cozy science fiction trilogy, Project Awakening, and her story, “Esha and the Echoes,” won the 2022 Geek Partnership Contest. A collector of hobbies, her favorite things outside of books include quilting, mountain biking and growing obscure vegetables in her garden.

AR Field

Amy is a keen fantasy writer and reader, spending lots of time lost in worlds with magic and dragons. When she is not at her keyboard, Amy is catering to the endless demands of her two dogs and working within Environmental Management. Find her on TikTok:

Amber Garcia

Author bio pending reply.

Mariah H. N. Hawkins

Mariah H. N. Hawkins is a graduate student of English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at Weber State University. She loves snowboarding and mountain biking. You can find more of her work at

Tahlil Mitchell

Tahlil Mitchell is a current undergraduate student studying creative writing at The Ohio State University. He’s an avid reader and spends his free time writing stories, spending time with family, or partaking in photography which he uses to inspire many of his pieces. Becoming an author has been his ultimate goal since childhood and one day he plans to publish his novels.

Stanley Nesbitt

Stanley is a rising author with a passion for storytelling and creative expression. When not writing, he treasures moments with his family—his fiancé Kimberly, two children, and three beloved pets. Overcoming learning disabilities, he earned his BA with Latin honors and authored two published works.

Follow Stanley on Twitter: @bytez91

Celine Pineda

Celine Pineda is a fresh first-generation graduate from the University of Houston with a History and English degree. She is beginning her journey as a part-time writer and full-time grad student with long-term aspirations in the medical field.

Her fictional works are deeply inspired by her mixed tribal heritage, Navajo and Miskito, and the indigenous oral histories she hopes to bring to the mainstream.

Follow Celine on LinkedIn: celine-pineda-9b7049279


Join us here on June 23 for Fiction Potluck Friday where you can read the winning pieces!

We adore and appreciate our Guest Judge, S.E. Reed!

S.E. Reed lives in the south and writes strange, haunting, real stories of people and places along old highways.

Her work has been featured by The Writer's Workout, Parhelion Lit, The Writers’ Co-op, Wild Ink Publishing, Survival Guide for the 21st Century and Tempered Rune's Press. She has won writing awards and nominations from Uncharted Magazine, L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest, The Writer's Workout and Kids' Choice KidLit contest.

Pick up S.E.'s debut, My Heart is Hurting, today!

Follow S.E. on Twitter: @writingwithreed

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