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Let's Get Together: Four Ways a Writing Community Will Help You

Community is as important to writers as a computer or a pen. We might write on our own but it's our community and the writers we connect with in person or online that keep us going. They keep us motivated and inspired when we'd rather be crying in a corner because our story has more holes than swiss cheese.

Let's look at four ways a writing community can help you out!


The amount of advice I've gotten from The Writer's Workout community cannot be quantified. This writing community is so helpful! The same goes for most writing communities. No matter how big or how small your writing community is, sharing writing advice with each other is one of the best parts.

We can't all read every writing advice book there is, so getting tips and tricks from other writers (especially ones who are more experienced than us) can be a great way to learn new things and become better writers.


Let's be real: writing is not easy. We may love it, obsess about it, but it's not easy. Having people to back you up and support you when your plot is not doing what it's supposed to do or when you feel like you can't write one more word is so important.

Writing is a solitary activity but we need writer friends to keep us from burning out. And with so many different writing groups and communities online, there is a place for everyone! No one has to go it alone.


While non-writer friends are lovely and wonderful, they don't always understand what it's like to be a writer. Having a writing community to go to vent your frustrations and talk about how you rewrote your first paragraph five times and it's still not right, and have them understand is vital.

Other writers can give you advice, talk you through plot points, or simply send you writing memes so you can laugh through the struggle instead of cry. Everyone needs people who understand what they're going through. With a writing community, you have a whole group of people who know exactly what your struggles are.


Writing communities can bring so many opportunities to your eyeballs that you might not see otherwise. I've seen so many contests, calls for submissions, and competitions (like The Writer's Games) in writer's groups and in the writing community on Twitter. Other writers are so lovely and post opportunities all the time.

If I wasn't part of those communities, I would probably miss some of the chances I've had to submit my work.

Think about the contests you entered or the stories you submitted. Did you find out about those things because someone else posted about them? Maybe not

Or are you the amazing person sharing opportunities with other writers in your community?! (We love you!)

What part of being in a writing community has helped you the most? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author: Sarah Perchikoff is a writer and blogger, and the Director of Brand for the Writer's Workout. She also writes for Culturess, Netflix Life, and Guilty Eats. When she's not writing, she loves to read, watch way too much TV, and further her addiction to Sour Patch Kids and french fries. You can connect with her on Twitter: @sperchikoff


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