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Introducing WayWords

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We are excited to share with you our new literary journal, WayWords. We created this quarterly journal to publish and support self-willed writers who dare to break the mold. Our issues center on two separate sections: a one-word theme for fiction or poetry pieces, and a tribute for creative non-fiction pieces. The tribute calls for writers of all backgrounds and provides them a creative outlet to celebrate their passion. You can find further guidelines and requirements listed on the WayWords page.

With our chosen themes and tributes, we hope to inspire fresh ideas for pieces new or old, and to give a platform for first-time writers, seasoned authors, and everyone in between. We want to see the quirks and details of your writing, so show us what sets you apart. If you have a piece off the beaten path, this is the place for you. Check our site now for the current theme and tribute of our inaugural issue!

We will be accepting submissions for this issue until December 15th, and you can view the annual schedule on our site as well. We look forward to beginning this publication with you. WayWords welcomes everyone using words as a way forward in unconventional, unpredictable writing.


About the author: Georgia is a recent graduate from the University of Denver seeking a career in

writing and publishing. If she isn’t reading your submissions to WayWords, you can find her

behind the counter at a candy store and spending time outside with her puppy. Her favorite

book is The Dog Stars by Peter Heller because it beautifully constructs the relationship of man,

dog, and nature.


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