Why You Should Be a Hufflepuff When Writing (Advice From a Slytherin)

Do you know what kind of writer you are? Whether you’re a courageous Gryffindor, a wise Ravenclaw. or a clever Slytherin like me, the chances are that you are pursuing a quest to become a great writer.

Yesterday I received two rejections for my novel. A few years ago that would have brought me to tears and made me question myself, but no longer.

Why? Because as I know that it’s all part of the journey to succeeding as a writer. And that got me thinking about Hogwarts.

To be a good writer, you can take up any of the Hogwarts houses’ characteristics, but to be a great writer, you should embrace your inner Hufflepuff.

These badger-loving Hufflepuffs are described by HarryPotterfandom.com as:

“…the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its students. Hufflepuffs were known to have a strong moral code, and a sense of right and wrong. “

Whether you identify with Gryffindors, Slytherins, or Ravenclaws, it’s time to apply some Hufflepuff traits to your writing. So let’s see what that entails.

Hard work - If writing was easy, everyone would do it. And a lot of people are, but not everyone is destined to be a great writer. Lots of people fail to finish a book. Lots of folks think that a first draft is gold and forget to polish their writing.

If you’re reading this, you’re different.

You want to complete that book, make it a stellar piece of writing. Not everyone may make millions but some of us Hufflepuff writers land agents, get book deals, advances, all the goodies, and that’s all down to hard work.

Dedication - You have to devote time to your craft. ‘I have no time is not an excuse. To be successful, you have to make time. Think of yourself as a competitive athlete. To rea