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It's Your Year

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

It's January again. I know what you're thinking: it's time to make a resolution or two. And you could do that if you want but what if...

What if instead of making a resolution you know you're going to break in a week, you make a promise to yourself to make writing a priority. What if you actually follow through and writing IS your priority for 2017? Think of all the amazing stories you could create when you put your writing above spending a few hours on Facebook or binge-watching a mediocre show. Think of the readers; the lives you could change with your words. Think of the characters!

Last year at The Writer's Workout, we explored the concepts of writing in broad strokes. For many it was an introduction to various aspects of writing that they hadn't considered before. While writers knew things like plot, description, setting, and arcs existed, they had not spent time actively considering the reader's view before. The concepts were present but not focused.

2016 saw the first layer of that focus. We learned why some things work in writing and others do not and we became better writers overall as a result. 2017 promises a deeper exploration of styles, story components, and overall knowledge of the written word. It invites new ways to communicate and new avenues of learning.


"If you never try and take great opportunities, or allow your dreams to become realities, you will never unleash your true potential."


So fellow writers, I issue this challenge: make 2017 your writing year. Make it a priority, the next step up from where you are now; whether that means writing consistently once a week or every day, finishing your manuscript through revisions, or finally landing the agent or big sale you've been working toward. Make this year YOURS. It's okay if you're scared, I'm scared too. We can do this together. The Writer's Workout can help.

Tip: If, like me, one of this year's writing goals is publication, check out this Open Call for submissions as we turn over a new leaf.


About the author: Theresa Green is a co-founder of The Writer's Workout and crime fiction novelist. You can follow her on Facebook: Author Theresa Green and Twitter: @kuzitiz.

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