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5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Home Office

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

When you work from home, you have the freedom to design and decorate your workspace however you like. That is, as much freedom as your budget allows. Turning your home office into a writer’s paradise doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity and hard work, you can make your home office a space in which you’re actually excited to sit down and write! Here are some great tips from The Writer’s Workout to help you upgrade your writing workspace on a budget.

Add Comfort with Temperature Control

First, it’s important to be comfortable in your home office. The temperature in your office can have a significant impact on your productivity! According to ThoughtCo, a difference of just a few degrees can affect your level of focus and engagement. Productivity tends to decline as temperature rises, with temperatures over 90 F creating very distracting work environments.

Read Product Reviews Before Buying Decor

You may need to buy a few new products to improve your workspace. For example, a desk lamp, noise-canceling headphones, a stress toy, and a document organizer can help improve your productivity. When it comes to buying new decor, furniture, or office equipment for your writing workspace, be sure to read online reviews first. You don’t want to spend good money on items that are poorly constructed or degrade quickly. Take advantage of unbiased product review websites to read about products you’re considering for your office.

Add Potted Plants

Did you know that houseplants can help you write better? Hoppier explains that potted plants can boost productivity, creativity, and focus while relieving stress and bringing a sense of calm to your work environment. Plants can also help to reduce indoor air temperatures by raising humidity levels, which can help you save money on electricity!

Get Creative with Color

Adding color to your office is a great way to decorate without spending a lot of money. Consider painting an accent wall over your desk or picking up a few colorful area rugs to spice up the floor. Choose colors that make you feel your best! For some people, calmer shades of blue and green are more conducive to focused writing, while others prefer bright hues of orange and yellow to foster creativity. If you’re not sure which colors to use in your office, read up on how different colors can elicit different feelings and emotions.

Include Space for Your Writing Rituals

Consider including space in your home office where you can perform your writing rituals. Writing rituals are those actions you take before your writing sessions with the intention of getting yourself in the mood to write. For example, you may want to include a cushioned corner in your office where you can sit and meditate or a comfortable couch where you can free-write in a journal before your writing work begins.

Creating a writing ritual is a personal process, so think carefully about what puts you in the right headspace to write and try to incorporate this activity into your office design.

If you want to be more productive when writing at home, look for budget-friendly office upgrades that make you feel calm and focused. Maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature, invest in high-quality office products, purchase a few potted plants, and use color to inspire your creativity. You’ll be surprised by how these small changes can improve your productivity!

Are you looking for more tips to improve your writing? Check out The Writer’s Workout for skills-based challenges, constructive criticism, writing games, and more!


About the author: Emma Grace Brown lives her life by her rules; and it works! When she's not snuggling puppies, Emma promotes female empowerment through her website. Her mission is to help those who live with self-doubt to realize they don't have to mold themselves to conventionality.


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