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How to Launch a Side-Hustle as a Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for words that coincides with a need for cash, you might consider a side-career as a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you will have complete control over when and how you work, giving you plenty of freedom to travel or work a day-job. Of all the different ways to freelance, writing is one of the most accessible avenues – if you’re willing to do the work. If you want to explore this exciting side gig, The Writer's Workout has everything you need to get started.

Charge Your Worth

One of the biggest mistakes made by new freelancers – and writers, in particular – is charging too little for their services. Don’t think you have to start your writing career at rock bottom rates.

Charge what you’re worth! You will have to turn down clients who are expecting content mill prices, but keep looking until you’ll find people who are willing to pay for high-quality work. As you gain more experience and carve out a specialization for yourself, you’ll be able to charge even higher rates for your work. When it comes to blog writing services, check out a site like Scripted or ProBlogger to get an idea of what these pros charge per project, as well as what they offer and what helps them get high ratings.

Boost Your Writing Skills

Even if you consider yourself a strong writer, it won’t hurt to improve your writing skills before launching your freelancing business. Writing for the web differs slightly from writing academic papers. Writing blog posts, articles, and website copy tends to be more conversational. While you’ll have a little more freedom to let your personality come through in your writing, you will need to reflect the voice and tone of your client.

Copywriting requires even more specialized skills. If you want to learn to write strong and persuasive copy, consider taking an online course and reading reputable copywriting books.

Find Your First Client and Start an LLC

When you’re confident in your writing skills, it’s time to take on your first client. But where do you find your first writing job? Many freelancers get started on freelancing platforms like Upwork, but you could also build your own website and find clients on your own. For example, Freelancer FAQs suggests starting with people you already know, contacting local businesses, and responding to job ads. You may want to write a few sample pieces to share with people until you can start building a portfolio of published work.

Another “first” is making sure you’ve properly registered your business with the state you live and work in. This is the business formation process, which sets you up legally as an entity such as a sole proprietorship, corporation or, a more popular option for freelancers – a limited liability company (LLC). Operating as an LLC is advantageous because your personal assets are protected in case there’s a legal dispute down the road, plus there are tax advantages. Use an online formation service to learn how to start an LLC, help walk you through the process, and even take care of it for you.

Find An Invoice Program

Once you start getting clients, it’s a good idea to use an invoice program. A professional-looking invoice will encourage clients to submit their payments on time, as well as assist you in your own recordkeeping.

Luckily, if your budget is tight, you can use this invoice maker free of charge! It has plenty of templates that you can customize to suit the feel of your business, and you can incorporate your own logo, as well!

Check Your Credit Score

Something else to bear in mind: if you decide you want to expand (perhaps by opening a studio), you might need to look into a mortgage or loan to fund it. If that’s the case, do yourself a big favor and work to improve your credit score before applying. That doesn’t just have to mean paying off old credit card debts. Many people don’t realize that simply checking your own credit score already gives you a small bump, which could make a big difference when you sit down to request a loan.

Practice Good Time Management

Time management is critical if you’re going to be freelancing while working another job. Many first-time freelancers don’t realize how difficult it is to be consistently productive outside of a traditional work environment. recommends learning how to make efficient use of your time so you can maximize your earning power.

Creating detailed to-do lists and a daily work schedule can help. You may also want to establish a dedicated workspace in your home and eliminate distractions from this area so you can focus when you’re on the clock.

Freelance writing is a great way to make money while you’re attending college. While it will take plenty of hard work to get started, once you land a few regular clients you should have no problem earning a living income with your work. You never know, your writing side hustle might just become your full-time career!

The Writer's Workout strives to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education. We want to help you be a better writer. Scroll down for our contact form or click here to donate!


About the Author: Emma Grace Brown lives her life by her rules; and it works! When she's not snuggling puppies, Emma promotes female empowerment through her website. Her mission is to help those who live with self-doubt to realize they don't have to mold themselves to conventionality.


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Power Publish
Jan 13, 2023

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